How to play Slots

Learn all about playing Slots 2022

Some people know them as fruit machines, others call them pokies, but for most players, they are slots. Regardless of the terminology, we are talking about fast-paced and fun casino games.

Thanks to modern technology, users have played online slots for over two decades now. If we look closely at the statistics, we will see that online slots are the most popular casino game out there.

So, it’s no wonder why they are also the game with the highest number of titles in almost every online casino. Before we show you how to play slots, we will list what makes this type of game special.

The benefits of playing online slots

There are various benefits of playing online slots, and we will use this part of our guide to highlight some of these advantages.

They are easy to play

Even those who have never played a casino game before will master the basic rules of slots in a few minutes. Playing online slots (just like their land-based counterpart) doesn’t require any particular guidance.

Of course, to get the most from these titles and learn how to play slots like a pro, you should learn a few things that will be analyzed in our guide.

Huge library of games

Every casino game has multiple variants, and online slot games are not an exception. As a matter of fact, casino software providers are most prolific when it comes to slots. According to some statistics, over 10,000 active online slots are on the global market.

That’s another thing that makes them attractive. Each release has a different story, matrix, bonuses, and more. On top of that, the number of slots goes up by almost 200 new titles every month.


It’s challenging to find an online casino that doesn’t have online slots on its offer. Most of them have dozens of releases available right away to all players. Some of them have demos that even unregistered players can use whenever they want.


Users should expect numerous bonuses at online gambling websites associated with these releases. For example, it’s common to find free spins with reasonable wagering requirements related to specific titles. Furthermore, the slots typically contribute a 100% rate to the wagering requirements, unlike roulette or blackjack games.

Good RTP

RTP, or Return to Player, is the theoretical payout rate associated with casino games. The payout rate of modern online slots is between 94% and 96% in most cases which is a relatively high percentage. In theory, this means that players have an advantage over the house. 

How to play slots – an essential guide

Since you’ve come here to learn how to play slots, we will now explain the basics of this activity. 

  • Select the number of paylines – some slots allow users to choose the number of active paylines, while others come with fixed paylines.
  • Choose your bet – it’s up to you to select the stake size per line or total bet, although there are limits.
  • Press the spin button – these buttons come in different shapes and forms, but they usually look like play signs or curved pointers.
  • Wait for the outcome – the reels will start spinning. They will slow down after a few seconds and eventually stop displaying the result. Players usually need identical icons on a payline to win a prize.

These are just the basic rules that are found in almost all slots. Some don’t follow the rules, while others include specific settings that must be analyzed before playing. Now that you know the simplest things, it’s time to go into details.

What does a modern online slot look like?

As we said before, slots cover a variety of themes and stories. For example, we have dozens of titles focused on Ancient Egypt, Greek mythology, and Vikings. You can also find games with stories about the Wild West, animals, farms, city life, holidays, vacations, luxury, etc.

But, behind these stories, the basic options and features stay the same. Indeed, different providers have games with different graphics, including 3D visual elements. Still, they all have one thing in common – the options and features are present on the main screen.

Typically, users must use specific buttons and signs to access what they want. For instance, there is usually a square or a circle with the word Spin or Play or a play icon or a pointer that serves as a play button.

Clicking on it will put the matrix in motion. You can also find buttons that allow players to change the number of reels, alter the total bet, use auto-plays, speed up the gameplay, and read the game rules/paytable.

How to place a bet?

Players can easily find the location of the betting options in modern online slots. They are usually represented by different values and have + and – signs next to them. Thanks to these signs, you can regulate the size of your total bet before any spin.

Sometimes, you can also find a button represented by poker chips or coins that will lead you to the same place. The good thing is that players can expect a wide range of betting options in each game.

An average slot has several stakes available to the players starting with €0.2 and ending with €50. We also have so-called penny slots with much lower maximum and minimum bets (sometimes even just €0.01 per round).

Then we have releases designed for high rollers, which accept stakes worth €100, €200, or even more per spin. After selecting the bet, you can use the play button to start the game. Once again, we should mention that you can alter it at any time (once the reels stop moving).

Slots Glossary of Terms

You can’t learn how to play slots or how to win at slots without knowing more about some of the terms used in these games and by experienced players.


The paylines represent the lines going across the reels on which matching icons must appear to hit a winning combination. It’s not unusual to find a slot game with just one payline, but in most cases, you’ll find titles with 10, 15, 20, or 25 paylines. 


The reels represent the rotating columns on which the icons show up. Together with the paylines, they are the essential elements of the slot’s matrix. Generally speaking, most titles have 5 reels, but you can also expect releases with 3, 4, 6, 7, or more reels. 


Every time you spin the reels, you will see a symbol on each position/cell. The outcome will be different after every spin. As we mentioned before, the game’s primary objective is to hit a combination of identical symbols on one payline.

We are talking about patterns with three to five matching icons in most cases. Keep in mind that these are regular (paying) symbols. Their appearance is often linked to the theme of the game.

In addition to the regular symbols which always provide cash rewards, there are symbols with unique properties. These icons sometimes offer payouts, while they just help players win prizes or trigger bonuses in other situations.

The two most common types of special symbols are the Wilds and Scatters. A regular Wild icon plays the role of a joker – an icon that counts as any standard symbol. On the other hand, the Scatter pays anywhere on the matrix.

The paylines we’ve talked about before don’t play a role here. Also, combinations with three or more Scatters usually trigger free spins. Read more about these bonuses in our guide below.

Volatility level

Accessing the risk of the slot for the player is done with the help of the volatility levels. Software providers have divided their releases into three categories: low, medium, and high volatility games. When playing low-volatility titles, you should expect payouts more often.

However, their values will be relatively low. On the other hand, high volatility releases usually provide big wins, which happen less often. The medium volatility slots are between the two extremes. 


Return to Player, or simply RTP, is another theoretical indicator that helps players understand what they can expect from a slot game in terms of payouts. So, the RTP shows you how much money you’ve wagered will be paid back to you over some time. If the RTP is 95%, you can expect to get around 95% of your wagered funds after dozens of rounds.

Don’t forget that we’re talking about theoretical percentages. The providers don’t vouch that you will get the exact amount back. Of course, you can end up with more than you’ve wagered, which most users are hoping for.

Online slot developers are becoming more and more innovative in recent periods. They spend a lot of time designing new and exciting bonus features for the players. This makes sense because, for most players, this is the most thrilling part of a slot game.

Thanks to these bonuses, you can expect a chance to win big prizes without investing additional funds. Now let’s check some of the most popular bonus features in online slots.

Free Spins – Without any doubt, players love this feature. In most cases, you will get 5, 10, 15, or more free spins by landing three or more Scatters anywhere on the reel set. Of course, some games may offer different approaches. You will watch the spins unfold automatically once you get a bonus like this. Simply put, you get more chances of winning without risking your money. 

Re-spins – These are similar to free spins but work slightly different. Instead of spinning all the reels and symbols, they usually spin specific reels or positions, and this means that some of the icons are kept in place. The basic idea of this bonus feature is to provide higher chances of hitting winning combos to the players.

Jackpots – The jackpot usually represents the highest possible amount of money you can win in a slot game. Most of these jackpots are fixed values worth dozens of times your total bet. For example, you can find them under different names like Mini, Major, Minor, or Grand jackpots.

What’s even better is the presence of progressive jackpots in some releases. This variant lets the game accumulate value by gathering a percentage of every bet placed on that game. As a result, some of these progressive jackpots are worth thousands of Euros. 

How to win at slots

One of the most searched questions on the popular online search engines related to slots is – How to win at slots? This makes sense because people play slots to win some money while having fun. The truth is that no one has a precise answer to this question because, in its essence, an online slot is a game of chance. Yet, some tips can help players increase their chances of profiting while playing this type of casino game.

Opt for slots with relatively high payouts – We’ve already talked about the RTP (Return to Player percentage) and how it works. Again, this is a theoretical payout percentage players can expect from an online slot. Our advice is to pick a game with an RTP of at least 95% (unless it’s a progressive jackpot slot). 

Use higher bets – This advice is helpful for those planning on playing progressive jackpot slots. Typically, progressive jackpots are won at random. You don’t need to meet any other requirement to get this massive prize. However, most games recommend using higher bets to increase the chances of hitting this prize.

Use the best online casino bonuses – Another chance to win at slots without investing much of your money is to use the best online casino bonuses. Some of these gambling sites offer free spins with low wagering requirements.

Play a demo version – Almost every online casino allows users to play a free demo version of any slot game found in their offer. This is an excellent way to check whether the slot meets your expectations and test the potential payouts virtually since you’ll be playing with virtual credits. Also, this will show you how to play slots without putting your money at risk. 

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