Best VIP Casino Bonuses

The generous bonuses found in many online casinos are one of the things that have made these sites popular. Of course, not all bonuses found there are the same. But, even though each casino has specific rules for these deals, the truth is that we can divide them into several categories. One of these categories is VIP casino bonuses.

What are VIP casino bonuses?

Every casino player wants to feel special when using an online casino. After all, they are risking their money and expecting something in return. Of course, they get a chance to win prizes, but they get the same opportunity in every casino. So, many online casinos create special VIP bonuses to keep players satisfied, especially loyal users and high rollers. Generally speaking, these deals are available to chosen casino users for their regular activity on the site or for the amount of money they spend monthly or annually.

Although the VIP casino bonuses have similar structures, it looks like every gambling site tries to add something unique to attract players. Also, many gambling sites provide match deposit bonuses, free spins, reload bonuses, and other incentives for existing users. Still, the VIP bonus offers take these perks to another level. 

Most VIP casino deals are given to users as a token of appreciation for their continued use of the site. As we said, players ready to place significant deposits and play with huge stakes are also invited to use these bonuses. Casinos create special VIP programs for these categories of users. 

Another thing we should mention is that the offers we discuss here are not always in the form of free money or spins. Still, players can also expect dedicated customer support, physical presents for their birthdays, tickets to exclusive events, higher withdrawal limits, faster payouts, and more. In other words, they do everything they can to make players feel unique and important.

Who can use VIP casino bonuses?

Once again, the answer to this question depends on the casino you use. Recently, more and more websites have created loyalty programs (similar to VIP programs) available to all players. These are tiered programs that come with various bonuses for different tiers. 

Furthermore, we have gambling sites that pick the players who can claim VIP casino promotions. You must meet specific conditions (usually wagering a particular amount of money in a relatively short period) to join the club. Some will reveal these terms on the site, while others are pickier and invite users to use these bonuses via email or live chat. You’ll also find places encouraging players to contact customer support if they believe they deserve to become VIP members.

Although we cannot speak about all casinos, most use point-based systems. Namely, players collect points for wagering money in casino games. The number of points depends on the size of your bet and the game you play (typically, slots pay more points than table games, for example). Once you get a certain number of points, you will climb the VIP ladder. With this progress, you can unlock more VIP bonuses. Many websites let you convert these points into real money.

What do players get from VIP casino bonuses?

The VIP programs we mentioned above tend to provide unique bonuses. Many of them are exclusive and can’t be found in other promotions available at the casino. We already mentioned some perks and incentives, but we will now analyze the most common (and popular) ones.

Exclusive VIP bonuses

Every VIP player can expect high-value deposit/reload bonuses. Interestingly, they are based on your gambling style. For example, suppose the site’s management noticed that you usually deposit €1,000 weekly. In that case, they will offer a 100% match deposit bonus of up to €1,500 per week (as stimulation to deposit even more money). Users can notice that the regular reload bonus for ordinary players isn’t over €500. Still, you get an extra bonus since you are a VIP member.

These incentives are undoubtedly attractive, but we should warn players to be careful. Namely, getting carried away and depositing more than you planned is easy. Regardless of your gambling style (low roller/high roller), you should always have a budget and stick to it. 

Free Spins

Every now and then, VIP casino bonuses include free spins. These spins can usually be used on predetermined online slots. The best thing is that they don’t come with wagering requirements meaning you can withdraw everything you win once you use these spins. In a way, this is a no deposit type of bonus without any strings attached. If you find such an offer in your favorite casino, don’t hesitate to use it immediately.

Extended limits

Before joining any online casino, you should definitely check the limits associated with the deposits and withdrawals. Every online casino sets specific limitations due to security concerns. They want to confirm that the requests are legitimate and need time. Since every site has limited resources, it sometimes takes hours or days for the withdrawal process to be completed. Sometimes the same goes for the deposits.

The usual deposit/withdrawal amounts are between €10 and €10,000 per transaction. But, this doesn’t mean you can make dozens of transactions to avoid the limits. Every online casino has weekly and/or monthly limits. So, regardless of the number of transactions, you can withdraw, say, €30,000 a month. 

The situation is different when you are a VIP user. Since you are a trusted member, the limits will be extended or even erased. In such cases, you don’t have to worry about weekly or monthly limits. The casino will let you deposit more than average users too. 

Fast payouts

Another VIP casino bonus you can use, thanks to your VIP status, is the fast payouts. As you are probably aware, it takes some time for a casino transaction to be processed by the site. Typically, the deposit requests are processed in minutes. Still, it may take some time to see the funds on your bank account or electronic wallet once a request to get paid is submitted. 

When discussing withdrawals, we should mention that the processing time depends on both – the site and the payment system. Let’s say you want to withdraw your earnings with the help of a credit card. In this case, it may take up to 48 hours for the casino to process your request, but even when this time passes, you will still not have the money on your account. The reason is simple – the payment system (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) also needs time to complete this transfer (1 to 5 business days). In a worst-case scenario, it may take 7 days until you get paid.

However, VIP players can significantly cut the waiting time once given this status. The casino will approve the payments within minutes, so the only thing you should wait for is approval from the payment system. 

If you want to get paid as quickly as possible, you should also consider your banking method. In general, e-wallet and crypto withdrawals work way faster than bank wire transfers and credit/debit card requests. 

Better bonus terms

Almost every casino bonus comes with specific bonus terms that you must meet to use the offer and reap its benefits. The casino VIP bonuses are not an exception. Indeed, some incentives may be free of requirements like free spins, but others have specific conditions players should meet to get paid. 

The good thing here is that VIP casino bonuses have better bonus terms compared to regular deals. In the first place, we are talking about the wagering requirements. As you probably know, it’s usual for casinos to place playthrough requirements of 25x or more on their welcome or reload bonuses. On the other hand, the VIP offers have lower wagering requirements. 

Another thing that may be affected is the game contribution. These bonuses may come with games promising higher contributions than usual (table games can participate with 75% or even 100% to the wagering requirements in some cases).  

Also, it’s possible to expect higher payout limits. Those who have used regular reload/deposit bonuses may have seen payout limits of just a few thousand euros. In this case, the limits may exceed four-digit numbers. This is certainly something you would expect as a VIP player.

Increased point accumulation

Comp points, loyalty points…the points used in the VIP programs/clubs come under different names. Sometimes they are named after the casino’s theme. Regardless of the title, they work similarly. As we already mentioned, the VIP casino bonuses and various tiers are unlocked when you accumulate a predetermined number of points. On the other hand, you acquire points for wagering money.

As you make progress, you will witness an increased point accumulation. Let’s take an example. For instance, let’s say that you joined an online casino that pays 1 point for wagering 1 euro on slot games when you are at level 1. If you reach level 2, you will get 1.25 points for wagering the same amount of money on slots. Since these programs have multiple levels, you can expect significantly increased point accumulation when you get to the top tiers (5 or more points for one euro).

Dedicated support

Thanks to modern technology, it’s now easier to provide timely customer support to online users. In addition to the classic phone support, most online casinos offer email and live chat support. In this way, players can keep a log of the conversation and get answers in a relatively short period.

The thing is that when you ask a question via email, you may wait for up to 24 hours to get an answer. Next, you may have to wait before a live chat customer support agent becomes available. Finally, many gambling sites provide phone and live chat support during specific periods of the day (for example, only during working hours). 

Dedicated support is one of the VIP casino bonuses you can expect as a loyal/high roller player. This means that you can expect fast, professional, and friendly support at any part of the day (or night). One of the staff members will be assigned to you, and you can get in touch with them whenever you have a question or need help. These are usually the same employees that keep track of your activities, and they will offer tailored promotions from time to time.

Exclusive gifts

What better way to stay happy and feel appreciated than receive exclusive gifts every now and then? The exclusive gifts players get as VIP players are one of the best VIP casino bonuses they can expect.

For example, some casino sites will send physical gifts to your address on your birthday. Next, some of them will provide tickets to special events near you. It seems that modern online casinos can be pretty innovative in giving unique gifts.

Access to exclusive tournaments

It’s not unusual for online casinos to organize tournaments. These events include various casino games, including poker, online slots, blackjack, etc. Typically, there’s a certain fee to enter the tournament, and each table has a different limit.

Thanks to the VIP casino bonuses, you can expect invitations to high roller tables with huge limits. These events have massive prize pools giving you an opportunity for big wins. Of course, only selected players can join these events.

Final thoughts

Most online casinos today provide VIP casino bonuses. The best idea is to analyze their offers and join a site that matches your gambling style. It’s easy to enjoy the perks when you are a high roller. Still, even casual players can sometimes take advantage of these offers. The latter can join a site with a tiered structure providing various bonuses for different categories of loyal players. 

Thanks to our guide, you learned what VIP casino bonuses are all about. Also, you can check the best VIP casino bonuses on the market today. Make sure to visit our website regularly because these deals can be modified, and our site updates all changes.