Best crypto casinos for 2022

In a world where trust and security are paramount, picking the best crypto casino can be tricky. 

That’s where Safe Crypto Casino comes in. 

We’re all veteran crypto casino players and workers, serving you the inside scoop so that you can get the best deals and be as safe as possible!


1. HiStakes

HiStakes is our favourite pick among crypto casinos right now. Offering a…
Bonus100% up to 5BTC
Top rated

2. bitStarz

bitStarz is a multi-award winning crypto casino, filled with games, bonuses and…
Deposit Bonus5₿
Free Spins20

3. Pirateplay Casino

Pirateplay Casino is a new online casino launched in 2022. It accepts…
Bonus100% up to €500

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER. Each player is allowed to create only one (1) personal account. Creating multiple Player Accounts by a single player can lead, at the sole discretion of the Casino, to termination of all such accounts and cancellation of all payouts to the player. When playing with bonus money where a maximum bet is applied, the maximum bet for all game types (slots, live games, table games, scratch, action games) is 5 CAD,USD,EUR / 10 AUD,NZD / 400 RUB / 600 JPY / 50 NOK (Unless stated otherwise in special terms for the bonus).

4. Playfina Casino

Players can enjoy the games offered at Playfina Casino since 2022. This…
Bonus100% up to 200€
Top Rated

5. Cloudbet

Cloudbet casino is one of the oldest and best crypto casinos around.…
Deposit Bonus5₿
Free SpinsWeekly logo
20 % Cashback

6. Casino

95% is a crypto casino with great cashback offers and a massive…
4kingsslots logo
Supports 12 cryptos

7. 4Kingslots

4Kingsslots is a relatively new crypto casino, but has one of the…
Deposit Bonus€750 + 300 Freespins
Top Rated

8. Stake

Stake is one of the best crypto casinos, boasting a mountain of…

Best crypto casinos for 2022 – the most fun you can have with your pants on… or off… we don’t judge!

When it comes to picking the best crypto casino, it can be a fairly scary experience. 

You’re trusting a potentially unregulated and unlicensed company with your precious crypto. 

That’s a massive step and you’re putting an awful lot of trust in the site. 

But, there are ways that you can make the experience as safe as possible, and that’s by listening to the experts. 

We here at Safe Crypto Casino have been in the crypto gambling world for nearly as long as it’s been around. 

We’ve seen the best and worst this industry has to offer, and we’re going to share our wisdom and knowledge with you. 

This will make your crypto casino experience a happy and safe one, that’s for sure. 

So, let’s get right into this!

How we rank the best crypto casinos

how we rank the best crypto casinos

A lot of the crypto casinos out there can feel similar, and there’s a great reason for this – they are similar. 

There are a handful of companies that build the platforms, then crypto casinos rent the technology and put their own skin on it. 

This means that some less reputed crypto casinos can end up looking like the best crypto casinos, and that’s not safe, especially if you’re new to the space. 

So, we put in countless hours of our time to deposit, play, test and push the limits of all the crypto casinos that we list here. 

What are we testing, you ask?

Well, we look for and test the best crypto casinos on a wide range of aspects, including:

  • Design
  • User interface
  • Game range
  • Quality of support
  • Bonuses
  • Promotions
  • Payment options
  • Supported cryptos
  • Reputation

These are just a few of the key points that we focus on when reviewing a site. 

If we listed them all, we’d be here for quite a few hours, and we don’t want to bore you with that!

But you can rest assured, we only recommend the best crypto casinos!

Enjoy the best crypto casino sites!

play at the best crypto casino sites

There are thousands of crypto casinos out there, but only a few are worthy of being called the best crypto casino site. 

At Safe Crypto Casino, you’ll only find the best of the best!

Here are the best crypto casinos that you’ll find out there.

These are the best crypto casinos based on our ranking factors. 

A lot of hard work goes into vetting and verifying that these sites are the cream of the crop. 

So, if you do decide to try out one of these crypto casinos, you know that your crypto is in safe hands!

The complete guide to the best crypto casinos

Crypto casinos can get a bit complex, especially if you start looking into their wallet and payment systems. 

But fear not, we’re going to explain all of that and make it incredibly easy to understand, giving you all the tools and knowledge you need to feel safe!

What are crypto casinos?

what are the best crypto casinos?

Simply put, the best crypto casinos are online casinos that allow you to deposit and play using cryptocurrency. 

Some of these are end-to-end crypto casinos, which means that your crypto stays as crypto the whole time. 

However, some are no end-to-end crypto, meaning that your crypto will get converted into a fiat currency when you deposit it. 

If this happens, it’s usually converted into USD or EUR. 

Obviously, the end-to-end crypto casinos are more desirable as you can remain slightly more anonymous than you can if your money has to be converted into a fiat currency. 

A lot of crypto casinos will also hold off asking you for KYC and AML documents until you hit a certain withdrawal threshold.

For most crypto casinos, this limit is around $2,000 worth of crypto. 

So you can work the rules in your favor and avoid KYC by withdrawing less than this amount. 

But the amount does vary between crypto casinos. 

You can play all the same games that you’ll find at fiat casinos, except you get to play with crypto. 

Virtually all of the big game developers support cryptocurrency play, so it’s just a case of finding a crypto casino that has a deal with a provider that you enjoy playing games from. 

That being said, most of the best crypto casinos have games from nearly every casino game developer. 

And that’s crypto casinos in a nutshell. 

How do crypto casinos work?

how does crypto casinos work

If you’re wondering how crypto casinos work, then you’re not alone. 

It’s natural to want to peek behind the curtain, especially when it comes to crypto casinos. 

People want to know that their crypto is in safe hands. 

So, let’s teach you how crypto casinos work!

When you create an account at one of the best crypto casinos, you’ll be given a deposit address. 

This is your very own unique wallet at the casino. 

You can then deposit your crypto of choice and it’ll get credited to your account. 

At the best crypto casinos, your crypto is stored in a segregated cold storage wallet, meaning that it’s super safe. 

But, some sites will just mix it all together and just update an internal ledger. 

This isn’t really a big problem, but if you’re going to leave your crypto at the casino for a long period of time, it’s nice to have the cold storage option as it’s safer. 

The crypto casino’s systems will then calculate your balance into coins and store this information in its own databases. 

Then, when you go to play a game and make a spin, the spin value will be calculated in coins by the system, then the correct amount will be deducted from your balance. 

You won’t notice this happening and you won’t see this happen, it’s all behind the scenes and is done in the blink of an eye. 

If you win, the process is done in reverse, with the correct winnings being credited to your wallet instantly. 

When it comes to withdrawal time, you simply let the crypto casino know how much you wish to withdraw and where to. 

Then, a cashout team will manually approve the cashout and the funds will be on their way to your wallet. 

If it’s the first time that you’ve withdrawn to a particular address, the best crypto casinos will ask you to verify this, usually by clicking a link in an email. 

This is just to be safe and ensure that your crypto isn’t being stolen by a hacker that guessed your password. 

It’s a bit frustrating if you’re in a rush, but you can never be too safe when it comes to your crypto, right?

Are crypto casino sites regulated?

how does regulation work with crypto casinos

When you play at a fiat casino site, you’ll often see badges at the bottom of the site that say that it’s regulated or licensed. 

This is designed to give you some peace of mind and see that you are fairly safe when you play there. 

Now, when it comes to crypto casino sites, these badges are abused slightly. 

Most of the best casinos will display a badge stating that they’re licenced to operate. 

This means that they’ve paid a regulatory body a fee to get the sticker, and that’s all it really is in the crypto casino world. 

The curacao license is the license of choice for casinos niched in crypto as it’s quick, easy and cheap to get. 

It costs $180,000 for 2 years, which is a bargain. 

In return, sites can display a sticker saying that they’ve got a license. 

But as a player, this doesn’t protect you in any way, shape or form. 

If you complain to the licensing agency in Curacao, you’ll never hear back. 

Malta has an iGaming license, which costs a small fortune to obtain and you need to dive through quite a few hoops to obtain it. 

It doesn’t unlock any more regions than the Curacao license does, so it’s virtually unseen in the crypto world. 

There are also the scandals involving the previous CEO of the licensing board, which don’t paint the license in a great light. 

Then, we come to the likes of Costa Rica, where all crypto casinos have to do is open a company office in the country, which could be a PO box. 

There’s no licensing or regulatory body, so if you want to complain, you’ve got nobody to email or call.

So, as far as regulations go, the crypto casino world is the wild west and you’re on your own. 

But, that’s not a bad thing. 

It opens the door to a few more opportunities and gives you a few more freedoms, such as non-mandatory KYC

If you’re worried about your crypto being safe, follow our reviews and you’ll be as safe as possible. 

We’ve been around the block a few times in the crypto casino world, so we know who you can trust and who you should avoid. 

All of the sites that you’ll find at Safe Crypto Casino are trustworthy, so you can relax!

Are crypto casinos legit?

we know which crypto casinos is legit

The prospect of not having to do any KYC or AML checks, crazily large deposit bonuses and the freedom to play just about any casino game that exists is a tasty one. 

But it raises the question, are crypto casinos legit?

The answer, for the most part, is yes. 

Yes they are. 

But obviously you have to play at a trustworthy crypto casino, otherwise you can get burnt badly. 

So, if you follow our guides and reviews, you’ll know exactly where is safe to play and where isn’t safe. 

Again, we only review and recommend the best crypto casinos that are totally safe to use. 

This means that all of these crypto casino sites are 100% legit. 

What are the advantages of playing at a crypto casino site?

crypto casinos vs traditional casinos

Crypto casino sites are full of surprises, but they’re also full of major advantages when compared to fiat casinos. 

In our experience, the best advantage of using a crypto casino is the fact your money is in your wallet within minutes when you hit withdraw. 

There’s no waiting 5 working days for your withdrawal to hit your wallet. 

This means your winnings are yours to spend and enjoy almost immediately. 

You’ve also got the reduced KYC and AML measures, meaning that you don’t have to submit your entire life history just to open an account at a site. 

You can just fill in a few basic details and start playing. 

This is incredible and lets you get down to business in seconds. 

There’s also another advantage here too – you can retain some privacy. 

Sure, most cryptocurrencies are only pseudonymous at best, but you can carry that same veil of secrecy over to the best crypto casino sites. 

You’re not forced to give up your life story, unless you’re withdrawing large sums of money. 

This is a major draw for privacy focused individuals. 

Finally, some countries are really strict with their banking regulations. 

So, if you have deposits to gambling sites in your history, you can be turned down for loans and mortgages, which can ruin a patch of your life. 

Crypto casino sites don’t reveal this information, so you’re able to carry on enjoying your life on your own terms. 

Pros of playing at a crypto casino

benefits of playing at crypto casinos

There are lots of advantages of playing at a crypto casino over a fiat casino. 

So, let’s dive into the pros of playing at a crypto casino really quickly!

  • More privacy
  • Withdrawals are nearly instant
  • Massive bonuses
  • No restrictions on wins
  • Great game selections
  • Micro gambling is possible

One of the coolest parts about playing at a crypto casino site is that you can micro gamble. 

This is where you gamble with less than 1 cent, a feature that’s not possible at traditional casinos. 

You can use cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin to make tiny bets, but still have lots of fun. 

This is a great option if you’re trying out a new game or want to test out a new strategy for the first time. 

So, while you might not like some of the altcoins out there, they do come in handy when you’re playing at the best crypto casinos!

Which is the best crypto casino?

which is the best crypto casino?

There are hundreds of crypto casinos out there, but picking the best one can be tricky. 

We’ve reviewed all of the best sites out there, so you can dive straight into the action without fear. 

We follow a strict set of criteria when we review sites, and we base our review scores on the following attributes:

  • Design
  • User interface
  • Game range
  • Quality of support
  • Bonuses
  • Promotions
  • Payment options
  • Supported cryptos
  • Reputation

Our easy to read and in-depth reviews give you precise information and a granular view of the best crypto casinos. 

This in turn gives you total peace of mind, especially if you’re going to leave some cryptocurrency at a site for a longer period of time. 

How to choose the right crypto casino

learn how to choose the right crypto casino

There’s a lot of factors to take into consideration when you pick a crypto casino to play at. 

So, start out by checking out or detailed and in-depth reviews. 

These will give you the information that you need to feel safe and secure when you sign up at one of these sites. 

You should also begin by making a smaller deposit than you’d normally make to ensure that you’re comfortable and happy. 

After all, you’re using a new system and interface, so start with a smaller amount to make sure that you fully understand the system. 

That way if you make a mistake, it’s not major. 

Once you’re happy, pile in and enjoy the fun!

There’s plenty of fun and action to be had at the best crypto casinos, so enjoy it to the max!

Crypto casinos are safe and fun!

have fun on crypto casinos

There might be lots of crypto casino sites out there to pick from, but here at Safe Crypto Casino we make the decision process simple. 

All of the crypto casinos that we list and review are safe and legit, meaning that you don’t need to worry about whether your crypto is safe or not. 

That’s a major part of the crypto casino world, so if you take that pressure off, you can get down to doing what you do best – taking down the house!

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