Best Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are emerging in their droves and there are hundreds of them around. 

This number is increasing every single week, but only a handful deserve the title as the best bitcoin casino. 

But which bitcoin casino deserves the crown?

Safe Crypto Casinos is here to help you pick out the best bitcoin casinos – so let’s dive in! 

Best Bitcoin Casinos 2022


1. HiStakes

HiStakes is our favourite pick among crypto casinos right now. Offering a…
Bonus100% up to 5BTC
Top rated

2. bitStarz

bitStarz is a multi-award winning crypto casino, filled with games, bonuses and…
Deposit Bonus5₿
Free Spins20

3. Pirateplay Casino

Pirateplay Casino is a new online casino launched in 2022. It accepts…
Bonus100% up to €500

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER. Each player is allowed to create only one (1) personal account. Creating multiple Player Accounts by a single player can lead, at the sole discretion of the Casino, to termination of all such accounts and cancellation of all payouts to the player. When playing with bonus money where a maximum bet is applied, the maximum bet for all game types (slots, live games, table games, scratch, action games) is 5 CAD,USD,EUR / 10 AUD,NZD / 400 RUB / 600 JPY / 50 NOK (Unless stated otherwise in special terms for the bonus).

4. Playfina Casino

Players can enjoy the games offered at Playfina Casino since 2022. This…
Bonus100% up to 200€
Top Rated

5. Cloudbet

Cloudbet casino is one of the oldest and best crypto casinos around.…
Deposit Bonus5₿
Free SpinsWeekly
Top Rated

6. Stake

Stake is one of the best crypto casinos, boasting a mountain of…
Top Rated

7. 7Bitcasino

7Bitcasino is one of the oldest crypto casinos and packs a major…
Deposit Bonus3.5₿
Free Spins100

8. Betcoin

Betcoin is one of the oldest crypto casinos in the world, giving…
Deposit Bonus3₿
Free Spins10

Overview of the best bitcoin casinos in 2022

The world of bitcoin casinos is relatively young, and this makes it scary, especially for those of you that are new to the world of crypto. 

There’s a strong chance that you’re entrusting your BTC to a casino that isn’t regulated or licensed. 

And that’s the beauty of the bitcoin casino world – there are very few rules. 

Now, this can play out both ways, being positive and negative. 

But, if you follow our recommendations and take our advice, then you should be able to cut out all of the negatives of the bitcoin casino world. 

Leaving you to have nothing but fun and success when you play at the best bitcoin casinos. 

The Safe Crypto Casinos team has been working in the crypto gambling world for as long as it’s been around, meaning that we know our stuff better than anyone else. 

We will only direct you to the best bitcoin casinos around, meaning that you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your time spinning the reels and playing table games with glorious bitcoin!

What is a bitcoin casino?

what is a bitcoin casino

Let’s begin by taking a look at what a bitcoin casino is – it’s pretty important. 

A bitcoin casino is an online casino that lets you deposit, play with, and withdraw bitcoin. 

The best bitcoin casinos will keep your bitcoin in segregated wallets and keep it as bitcoin the entire time, while others don’t. 

Which is best is really down to you and your preferences, but we’ll make this clear in our detailed reviews, so you don’t have to worry or guess. 

So, on the face of it, a bitcoin casino is virtually the same thing as an online casino. 

The only real difference is that you can use bitcoin to play games online and win money.

Yes, there are some bitcoin casinos that will not ask you for any ID documents for KYC and AML checks, and these are some of the best bitcoin casinos around. 

Aside from that, BTC casinos are incredibly similar to online casinos. 

You can play all the same games that you get at online casinos, just with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – how cool is that!

Some bitcoin casinos have been around since the dawn of bitcoin, while others evolved from crude bitcoin dice sites into bitcoin casino powerhouses. 

But how do bitcoin casinos work?

Are they the same as online casinos when it comes to their inner workings?

We all want to peek behind the curtain, so we here at Safe Crypto Casinos are going to lift that veil and give you a peek at the cogs that spin to make bitcoin casinos work!

How does a bitcoin casino work?

how does a bitcoin casino work

It’s time to remove the mystery and tell you how bitcoin casinos work. 

First up, we’ll look at our preference for bitcoin casinos, which are the casinos that keep your bitcoin as bitcoin. 

To us, these are the best bitcoin casinos around as it’s end-to-end bitcoin, and that’s the pure experience that we love. 

In these types of BTC casinos, you will be given a deposit address where you can send bitcoin. 

Once the bitcoin lands in this wallet, it’s then tagged to you and your account balance is updated to reflect your new balance. 

This wallet is uniquely yours and you can deposit to it at any time. 

From there, the casino’s backend systems will convert that bitcoin into coins so that the games can process transactions. 

You won’t see this happen or notice, it’s just so that the game systems can run properly, and your balance still remains as bitcoin. 

Whenever you place a bet or spin, the amount required to place that bet is then calculated in the coins, converted into BTC and then deducted from your wallet. 

Any winnings are credited the same way. 

When you come to withdraw, you’ll be able to put in a request from your account page. 

Usually the withdrawal process is manual, meaning that the bitcoin casino’s staff will have to approve each withdrawal by hand. 

bitStarz casino does a fantastic job of showing you how long the queue is with live updates on the cashout time, meaning that you know exactly how long you’ve got to wait. 

Once the withdrawal is approved, the money will be moved from your wallet into the casino’s wallet and at the same time, the casino’s wallet will send funds to your bitcoin wallet. 

And that’s it. 

Your bitcoin will be in your wallet usually within an hour or so depending on the number of confirmations required. 

While we’re on the subject of confirmations, most bitcoin casinos will use 1 deposit confirmations. 

This means that you’ll only need 1 confirmation on your bitcoin transaction before you can begin playing casino games with your bitcoin. 

There are a couple of 0 deposit bitcoin casinos, but these are few and far between. 

Now, there are some bitcoin casinos that don’t keep your balance as bitcoin when you make your deposit. 

These will take your bitcoin deposit and convert it into a fiat currency, which will either be USD or EUR depending on the online casino that you’re playing at. 

You will then play every game with your fiat balance, winning in fiat as well. 

This is common for regular online casinos that want to accept BTC, so you’ll see this most often at traditional online casinos. 

When it comes to withdrawal time, your fiat balance will be converted back to bitcoin and then sent to your personal bitcoin wallet. 

In our opinion, these are not true bitcoin casinos, and it takes away from the experience, but some people do prefer playing at these types of online casinos. 

A true end-to-end bitcoin casino is best, but there’s nothing really wrong with using an online casino that converts your balance to a fiat currency. 

It’s more of a preference thing. 

What should I look for in a bitcoin casino?

what to look for in a bitcoin casino

Every bitcoin casino does it a little differently, but there are a few casinos that bring it all together and are deserving of being known as the best bitcoin casino. 

For the most part, there are 4 things that you should look out for in a bitcoin casino. 

If the casino in question has these features, then you can rest assured that it’s a good bitcoin casino. 

There are a lot more factors that you should look at, but these are the core 4. 

We cover all of these factors and more in our detailed reviews of the best bitcoin casinos, so you don’t have to spend hours digging and doing the research. 

That’s enough waffling, time to dive into the 4 factors that you should look out for at a bitcoin casino!


can you trust bitcoin casinos?

When you send bitcoin to a new wallet, you should start off by sending a small amount to test the waters. 

The same goes for BTC casinos. 

You want to make sure that the casino in question is trustworthy. 

Now, we have spent days analyzing every single bitcoin casino that we recommend, so you are in safe hands if you follow one of our recommendations. 

But we’re all about educating, so we’re going to teach you the process. 

If a bitcoin casino claims to be regulated, or at least licensed, take the license information from the footer and head to the regulator’s website. 

You can enter this information there and verify whether it’s a genuine certificate or a fake. 

You’d be surprised at how many fakes there are. 

Next up, stalk that casino on social media like the girl you met on Tinder last week. 

Read all of their posts, check out the reviews from other players and look at how they reply to players. 

All of these factors speak volumes about the bitcoin casino in question and will give you a good picture about them. 

If they’re short and snappy with players, always deflect blame or are full of complaints then you know it’s likely to be a bumpy ride for you. 

Test out their trustworthiness as much as possible, for once they have your bitcoin, you’re relying on them giving it back to you when you’re done. 

If this sounds like a lot of hassle, and it is, you can get all of this information and more in our detailed bitcoin casino reviews!

Game selection

there is a vast game selection on bitcoin casinos

There’s nothing worse than going through the sign-up process at a new bitcoin casino just to find that your favorite game isn’t there. 

This gets even worse when you find out that a bitcoin casino may only have a couple of games for you to play, or even just homebrew games. 

So, checking to see what games a bitcoin casino has beforehand is vital. 

You can usually find all of the available games from the casino lobby or by browsing through game developers. 

The more games a bitcoin casino has, the more fun there is to be had! 

If you are unsure about how to find this type of information, you’ll be able to find it in our detailed reviews. 

We keep all of that information up to date, so you’ll never miss a heartbeat!

Stellar support

how is the support at bitcoin casinos

We all get stuck from time to time, and the best bitcoin casinos know that too. 

The best casinos out there have the best support crews around, and they’ll move mountains to get your problem fixed and going again. 

So, before you sign up at a bitcoin casino, check out the support quality that they offer. 

Most bitcoin casinos will offer 24/7 live support, and this is without a doubt a necessity to become one of the best BTC casinos around. 

Furthermore, you want to make sure that the replies are helpful and not snarky. 

There are a lot of online casinos out there with snarky support crew who are just there to get a paycheck, not actually help the players. 

Again, we cover this in great detail in our reviews of the best bitcoin casinos.  

We push support crew to their limits and breaking points to make sure that they’re going to be helpful and friendly to you – sorry support workers, we love you really!


promotions at bitcoin casinos

Lastly, you want to make sure that the bitcoin casino you’re going to play at has lots of cool promotions. 

Promotions result in extra goodies, free spins and cool merch, which are all good fun. 

If you’re going to play BTC casino games, it only makes sense to get rewards in the forms of promotions. 

Some of the best bitcoin casinos offer tickets to sports games, luxurious vacations, cars, and signed sports jerseys as part of their promotions. 

The quality of the rewards from the promotions really sets these online casinos apart!

We cover all of the promotions that each bitcoin casino is running, and even the ones they’ve run in the past. 

This gives you a quick and clear view of the types of promotions that you’ll find at your casino of choice!

What are the pros of a bitcoin casino?

pros and cons of bitcoin casinos

When you play at a bitcoin casino, there are some major advantages and perks that you can take advantage of. 

A lot of these perks and features are not possible to get at a regular online casino, so make sure you use these perks to the fullest. 

Here’s a list of the pros of playing at the best bitcoin casinos!

  • Little to no KYC
  • Massive bonuses
  • Ability to remain anonymous
  • Instant deposits
  • Blazing fast withdrawals
  • Micro gambling opportunities

For a lot of people, completing KYC is an arduous task and it invades your privacy. 

Most bitcoin casinos will not ask you to complete KYC in order to just play slots and some table games, especially if you’re a low stakes player. 

For live dealer games, however, you will need to give more information, but it’s not as invasive as traditional KYC. 

You’ll only be asked to complete KYC if you withdraw large amounts or display strange betting behavior. 

So for low stakes players, bitcoin casinos are a haven from KYC. 

You’ll also find massive bonuses when you play at the best bitcoin casinos. 

Some will give you 5 BTC welcome bonuses, which is worth a heck of a lot of money right now. 

You’ll be hard pressed to find a bonus like that at an online casino! 

Withdrawals are back in your wallet and ready for you to use as you see fit almost instantly. 

Compare this to the 5 working days or longer that you see with traditional online casinos, and you can see why bitcoin casinos are so much better. 

Finally, you can micro gamble at bitcoin casinos – another thing that you can’t do at traditional online casinos. 

If you’re using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you’ll be able to make bets and spin the reels for values less than $0.01, which is amazing for micro gamblers. 

Perhaps you have a new strategy you want to test out, you want to try a new game but are unsure how it works or maybe you just like to play casino games for fun, micro gambling is the perfect answer. 

The best bitcoin casinos give you this potential and opportunity, so lap it up and enjoy all the micro gambling fun that your heart desires!

are bitcoin casinos legal?

Owing to the fact that you don’t really need to complete KYC at many bitcoin casinos, you might be wondering if these types of online casinos are legal or not. 

For the most part, bitcoin casinos are totally legal. 

The legality of bitcoin casinos actually lies in your current jurisdiction. 

For example, if you live in the USA, an online casino is required to be licensed by the state that you’re currently in. 

Each state in the USA then has its own compliance and regulatory requirements, so most bitcoin casinos will avoid accepting players from the USA for this reason. 

It’s a lot of work and money to get regulated in various states, and doing so would remove a lot of the benefits of a bitcoin casino. 

But, some bitcoin casinos will turn a blind eye and look the other way if you play from the USA. 

As long as you never say you’re from the USA or submit any ID that says you’re in the USA right now, then you’ll be fine. 

However, if a bitcoin casino does find out, they’ll likely close down your account. 

If you’re a nice player and you’re not grouchy with support, they’ll likely allow you to make one last withdrawal. 

But if you’re constantly kicking up a fuss, they won’t do this, as you will have breached their terms of use. 

So, whether a bitcoin casino is legal or not depends totally on where you currently are based. 

Generally speaking, bitcoin casinos will not accept players from the following countries owing to regulatory issues:

  • France
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands
  • North Korea
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Syria
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Otherwise, you should be totally fine to play at a bitcoin casino, legally speaking. 

It is worth double checking the restricted countries as bitcoin casinos with licenses may have additional restrictions based on their license requirements. 

To be safe, you can always check our reviews as we have all of that information available for you and we keep it up to date. 

And that brings us on to our next point – are bitcoin casinos licensed?

Are bitcoin casinos licensed?

are bitcoin casinos licensed?

If you’re a veteran online casino player, then you’ll likely be looking for some sort of license at a bitcoin casino. 

Here’s the thing – licenses don’t really apply to bitcoin casinos. 

You might be thinking that’s a weird fact, but we’ll explain that. 

Simply put, a license dictates a set of rules that any online casino must follow. 

There are not special bitcoin casino licenses, just online casino licenses. 

They’re the same for bitcoin casinos and online casinos. 

This presents some issues for bitcoin casinos as if they follow the same rules, they cannot accept bitcoin and all the perks of being a bitcoin casino melt away.

Let’s look at the UK online gambling license for a minute. 

It costs a small fortune to obtain and maintain, plus you have to enforce enhanced KYC before a player can make withdrawals. 

Or the Swedish license, for example. 

You cannot give out player bonuses, which makes retaining players difficult. 

So, bitcoin casinos opt to go for licenses that are more relaxed and give them access to certain markets. 

The Curacao license is the most popular bitcoin casino license as it’s cheap and quick to obtain. 

It also doesn’t impose a ton of rules around KYC and reporting, meaning that bitcoin casinos can still operate with lax KYC and AML procedures. 

The Curacao license also allows bitcoin casinos to operate legally in various jurisdictions around the world where a license is required. 

It’s the best choice for a bitcoin casino at the end of the day, and it’s one that you’ll see at almost every single one of the best bitcoin casinos. 

But, that doesn’t mean that a bitcoin casino needs a license to operate. 

Seeing as bitcoin casinos don’t quite fit the same standards as an online casino, they can get away without needing a license in many cases. 

So, you will see some bitcoin casinos operating with no license, but this is becoming less and less common. 

It’s also worth noting that the Curacao license offers you no protection as a player. 

You can complain to the regulatory board, but you’ll never hear anything back. 

This means that using a reputable bitcoin casino is imperative. 

So, stick to the bitcoin casinos that we recommend here, and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself without worrying about getting closed down or rug pulled. 

Are bitcoin casinos safe?

are bitcoin casinos safe?

We all want to play casino games at a safe online casino. 

There’s no worse feeling than getting scammed or having your account closed for no reason. 

So, that’s why we’re going to tell you how to find a safe bitcoin casino.

For the most part, bitcoin casinos that have been around for several years are safe to use. 

You should have no issues as long as you don’t break the rules or get crotchety with support crew. 

It’s true that support crew do wield a lot of power, so staying on their good side is usually a wise idea. 

As long as you follow our recommendations and advice, then you should always be playing at a safe bitcoin casino. 

We will never recommend a bitcoin casino that isn’t safe, legit, or fair – it goes against everything we stand for. 

Before we review a bitcoin casino, we play there for hours, testing out every single aspect of the site to make sure that it’s safe for you to use. 

Our promise to you is that every bitcoin casino we recommend is safe for you to use. 

Very few sites out there can offer you this promise, but we’re one of the few that can!

Do bitcoin casinos have bonuses?

do bitcoin casinos have bonuses?

Casino bonuses make the world go around, and bitcoin casinos sure know how to take these to the max. 

You’ll find the best bonuses as bitcoin casinos, and this is where casino bonuses really become a competition. 

You see, the best bitcoin casinos compete against one another to offer the best bonuses. 

Whether it’s a deposit match, free spins drop or cashback, bitcoin casinos have found a way to take these to the next level. 

Some bitcoin casinos will match your deposit up to 5 BTC, which is an insane amount of money. 

You’ll never find a regular online casino offering that amount of money for a deposit match, and quite frankly, it’s insane. 

Other bitcoin casinos will focus more on free spins or cashback, offering you more free spins than you can shake a stick at or more cashback than fits in your wallet. 

Bonuses are the name of the game in the bitcoin casino world, and you’re going to love all of them. 

Just be aware that most of the bonuses you’ll find in the bitcoin casino world come with some strings attached. 

This is more often than not a turnover requirement, meaning that you need to play through the bonus money or winnings from the bonus a certain number of times. 

For example, a lot of the bitcoin casinos that are SoftSwiss white labels, you’ll be looking at a 40x turnover requirement. 

So, let’s say you get a 5 BTC deposit match as your bonus with a 40x wager requirement, you’ll need to wager that bonus to the point of 200 BTC. 

That’s an insane amount of turnover, but it can be done. 

Table games are your best bet to help you “wash” your bitcoin casino bonuses to clear that wager requirement. 

If you’ve got some skills at the poker or blackjack tables, you can reduce the risks involved and almost guarantee that you walk away with the money in your pocket. 

And that’s it for bitcoin casino bonuses. 

They are the best around, but they come with an almighty curse attached!

Can I get free spins at a bitcoin casino?

free spins at bitcoin casinos

Is there anything sweeter than getting your hands on some free spins?

Well, the best bitcoin casinos seem to think not! 

You’ll find an abundance of free spins when you’re playing at the various bitcoin casinos out there. 

Some say that free spins is the best type casino bonus that you can get, so why not get as many as possible. 

The best BTC casinos will often offer up free spins as part of the welcome bonus or deposit bonuses – sometimes both!

You’ll also find a lot of weekly free spins drops at bitcoin casinos, which is pretty neat if you’re a slot player. 

So, fear not, free spins are not exclusive to traditional online casinos!

Bitcoin casinos are taking the world by storm!

bitcoin casinos are taking the world by storm

Bitcoin casinos have so many perks and advantages that you’re missing out by not playing at them. 

They offer a whole raft of features that you won’t find at any other type of online casino, and the bonuses are some of the best that we’ve ever seen. 

If you’re worried about a bitcoin casino being safe, you can check out our detailed reviews where we’ll cover if a particular casino is safe. 

And remember, we’ll never ever recommend a bitcoin casino that is not safe or could be risky. 

So go forth and spin the reels or hit the tables until your heart’s content with the best bitcoin casinos the world has to offer!

Good luck!

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