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Dash (ticker: DASH) is a very popular cryptocurrency for casino play given that it is essentially a faster version of Bitcoin with increased speed and privacy and lower transaction costs.

Dash launched in 2014 as an alternative to Bitcoin and has been a mainstay in the cryptocurrency space ever since. 

It was intended to be a leaner and faster version of Bitcoin, which is why it is very popular with crypto gamblers, and it has seen high levels of adoption in the real world as well as in the cryptocurrency gambling world.

What is Dash?

Dash is a digital currency created purely as a method of payment. 

It was launched in 2014 when a group of developers decided to ‘fork’ Bitcoin and change the code, creating what they initially called Xcoin. 

It then became ‘Darkcoin’ before changing to its current name in March 2015.

The Dash creators wanted a coin that was more private than Bitcoin as well as being quicker to transact with.

Dash is decentralized which means it is not owned or operated by any single institution or government. 

All Dash transactions are recorded on the blockchain (a kind of public financial ledger), with new coins entering the supply through miners and masternode operators who are responsible for processing transactions and securing the Dash blockchain. 

For this they are rewarded with DASH coins.

Dash is mined using the X11 algorithm, a modification of Bitcoin’s ‘proof-of-work’ consensus mechanism. 

Like Bitcoin, Dash miners operate computers to solve mathematical puzzles to keep the blockchain running. 

They also utilize masternodes to speed up transactions, who are regular people around the world running software on a computer and putting up 1,000 DASH coins as collateral.

Dash is more private than Bitcoin because it uses a ‘mixing’ service which scrambles all its transactions to hide the real sender and recipient.

Dash can be used online just like real money, with users able to do everything from online shopping to playing at casinos with it. 

It is particularly popular in Venezuela due to the issues with its native currency, where it is accepted by many bricks and mortar retailers.

Dash can also easily be exchanged for fiat currency at a large number of online cryptocurrency exchanges.

Benefits of Dash betting

A big part of Dash’s attraction is the extra level of privacy within its transactions. 

When gambling with Dash, a player benefits from the use of addresses (a string of letters and numbers) rather than anything personal. 

Also, with all transactions going through a mixing service it is almost impossible for anyone to link the player to the casino.

Most countries don’t consider digital assets like Dash to be currencies, which means countries that prohibit online gambling with fiat currencies may not prohibit Dash gambling. 

This opens the gateway to dozens of different Dash casinos and games for players, hugely increasing player choice and improving the overall crypto gambling experience.

Dash is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency, which means players can enjoy a further level of privacy as they interact with their platform of choice. 

Dash transactions are nearly instant thanks to its use of masternodes as well as miners. Transactions confirm within 1-2 seconds and are instantly spendable by the recipient, making them a great choice for crypto casinos. 

However, Dash casinos can set the number of ‘confirmations’ required for deposits, which may slow down deposit times.

The number of confirmations a deposit needs to achieve depends on the security of the blockchain in question – crypto casinos will want to make sure that any coins sent through less reputable blockchains are guaranteed to arrive before they credit the user.

Fortunately, Dash is considered a low risk blockchain, which means that Dash deposits are almost instantly credited to the player’s account.

Gambling with Dash can also save you money. 

Transaction fees are typically around 150x cheaper than those of Bitcoin, around $0.01 at quiet times. 

This makes Dash a great option for microstaking, and means you can deposit multiple times without worrying about transaction fees.

Wins can be converted to cash without the involvement of a bank or payment processor.

Dash casinos also almost always have bigger welcome and win bonuses than fiat casinos, with the limits placed on fiat casinos usually non-existent for Dash casinos. 

This is another example of the increased freedom that players can enjoy at crypto casinos.

Drawbacks to gambling with Dash

The only potential drawback for gambling with Dash is that the transaction fees can fluctuate with network usage. 

Transaction fees will rise when the network is very busy, historically up to as much at $1.50.

However, the last time this happened was in January 2018 and the technology has improved since then, so it is highly unlikely that these levels will ever be seen again.

It is still something to bear in mind though.

What are Dash slots?

Dash slots are typically like the regular online crypto slots, except stakes and wins are made in Dash and, as we have said, the wins can be higher.

Those playing Dash slots will not see many differences from other crypto and non-crypto slots, with everything from the method of playing to the games themselves being almost identical. 

The only major difference is that Dash slots have higher limits than fiat slots. 

Added to this are the benefits of knowing that gameplay is kept private thanks to Dash’s transaction masking process and that players can, at any time, transfer their Dash back into their local currency and withdraw it.

What are Dash table games?

As with Dash slots, there are a large number of similarities between Dash table games and regular casino table games. 

All the favorites are there – baccarat, Texas hold ‘em, and poker, for example – and with the benefits of betting with Dash, including increased privacy, bigger limits, and near instant transactions, players can have an even more enjoyable experience. 

The best Dash casinos also have top quality live action table games, with human croupiers making you feel like you’re really there.

Where can I buy Dash?

Buying Dash has never been easier. 

There are many quality cryptocurrency exchanges online that allow you to buy Dash with a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer, and once it’s in your wallet you can send your coins to your Dash casino of choice. 

However, there are one or two things you should be aware of before you go buying your first Dash coins.

There are pros and cons to each cryptocurrency exchange, so we would advise you to research what the best exchanges that sell Dash are before you buy, or at least research any you have heard about. 

Make sure, too, that whatever exchange you eventually buy from allows you to withdraw the Dash you plan to buy – some don’t, which of course is no good if you want it for Dash gambling!

Be aware that fees will be taken off during the buying process, so make sure you know the costs associated with buying before you do so. 

These charges are often a fixed fee rather than a percentage, so bear that in mind if you intend to buy multiple times. 

Some Dash casinos do allow you to buy Dash directly from them, but the fees are often higher when you do it this way, so make sure you are aware of all these costs before you  buy through a Dash casino.

Best Dash wallets for gambling

Once you’ve bought your Dash you will want to store it in a wallet. 

Leaving your coins on an exchange is not a good idea for security reasons, while some exchanges do not facilitate the sending of Dash to crypto casinos. 

There are lots of wallets out there that support Dash but not all of them are reputable, so, again, make sure you do your research before you send your coins elsewhere.

There are different types of wallet open to you, each with a unique balance of security and convenience. 

It pays to familiarize yourself with these different types of wallets and learn their balance of security versus convenience in order to find out what’s best for you. 

This guide breaks down the different types of wallets and their benefits and drawbacks, but some good examples to check out are Exodus, the official Dash wallet, Trezor, and Trustwallet.

The key thing to remember about Dash is that, like all cryptocurrencies, there is no customer service to call if you send it to the wrong address or it gets stolen from your wallet. 

You are your own bank, so take the sending and storage of your Dash very seriously.


As we have explored, Dash is a great currency for gambling, balancing the benefits of high levels of privacy and fast transaction speeds with low transaction costs.

Dash is accepted at a large number of crypto casinos too, meaning that gambling with Dash is not just cheap and easy but also filled with variety.

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