If you want to become a better crypto casino player, then you’re going to need to arm yourself with information.

Fortunately, Safe Crypto Casinos is here and we’re going to teach you everything you could possibly need to know to take down the house and become a long-term winner.

Let’s get those guides!

What can you learn from our crypto casino guides?

The crypto casino world can be tricky and confusing, especially if you’re new to crypto and online gambling. 

There are lots of terms, conditions and trust involved when you create an account at a crypto casino. 

So, you need to know what to look out for so that you can pick the best crypto casino for you and your needs. 

You also need to learn how to tell which crypto casinos you can trust with your cryptocurrency. 

After all, once your transaction to the casino is made, there’s no way to reverse it. 

So, sit back, relax, and read through Safe Crypto Casinos’ guides and you’ll become a crypto casino pro in no time at all. 

We’ll cover everything you need to know to be safe at crypto casinos and to improve your skills so that you can bring down the house and walk out a winner!

Crypto casino terminology 101

casino terminology 101

If you’re new to the crypto casino world, then you’re going to be bombarded with tons of new terms and jargon. 

We know this can be scary if it’s your first venture into the world of online casinos. 

So, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of crypto casino terminology to help you adapt and fit in straight away. 

Here are the most essential terms that you’re going to need and hear when you’re playing at crypto casinos!

BankrollHow much money you have in your account
Bonus fundsFunds in your account that are part of a bonus and still have a wager requirement on them for you to complete before you can withdraw them
Bonus spinsFree spins that are given to you as part of a bonus
Cash fundsThe total withdrawable balance of your account
ConfirmationsThe number of blocks that must be completed in order for your deposit to get verified
Conversion limitThe maximum amount that you can win from a bonus
Eligible gamesGames that you can use with your bonus funds
Game weightingThe percentage that a game contributes to clearing a wagering requirement on bonus funds 
House edgeThe advantage that the house has over you on any given game
KYCKnow Your Customer checks that verify your identity by asking you for ID documents
Prize dropA promotion where a prize is dropped randomly to a player or group of players
Reload bonusA bonus that is offered to existing players when they make a deposit
RTPReturn to Player is the theoretical amount of money you will win back from any given game based over millions of rounds
Self-exclusionA responsible gambling feature that allows you to temporarily or permanently suspend your account to help with gambling addiction
Wager requirementThe amount of times that you need to wager a casino bonus before it is added to your cash balance
Wager-free spinsBonus free spins that allow you to keep the winnings by adding no wager requirement to them
WalletYour crypto wallet at the casino where you will deposit and withdraw your crypto from
VolatilityA scale ranging from low to extremely high that measures the inherent risk of a game

Tricks to improve your crypto casino experience

tricks to improve your crypto casino experience

Everyone wants to get the most fun possible out of their crypto casino experience. 

So, we’re going to share a few tips and tricks with you that will help you get the most out of your experience with crypto casinos. 

Knowledge is power, so the more knowledge you can soak up, the more powerful you become!

Let’s go!

Read reviews

read casino reviews

Here at Safe Crypto Casinos, we put a lot of time, effort, and energy into testing crypto casinos. 

We then compile all of this information and data into simple, informative and reliable reviews. 

This gives you all of the information that you could possibly need in a clear and objective manner, helping you make an informed decision. 

If you’re new to the crypto casino world, then you may need a little help filtering out the bad apples. 

We cover all aspects that you could imagine in our reviews, meaning that you can quickly learn what to look out for. 

If you don’t fancy doing your own research, you can trust our reviews 100% as we vow to never take a payment or bribe to tell a mistruth in our reviews. 

You’ll get the hardcore facts in our reviews, giving you a clear overview of the best crypto casinos on the market. 

Reading reviews is a fantastic way to get an expert opinion and overview of a crypto casino, so use the information you’re being given to save you time and hassle!

Read up on strategies

read up on casino strategies

This mostly applies to table games, but it can also apply to some slots as well. 

Table games require you to know how to play the game if you’re going to be successful. 

For example, a novice blackjack player will sit at a blackjack table with a 2% house edge. 

As far as casino table games go, that’s a stinker of a house edge and you’d be wise to run away. 

But, if you put in the time to learn how to play blackjack properly by learning basic strategy, you can cut the house edge down to 0.5%. 

That’s a massive change just by learning the rules and a strategy. 

So, if you want to give yourself the best chance of winning, check out our guides to crypto casino games and strategies to give yourself the upper hand!

Practice in free play

practice in free play

If you’re playing a casino game for the first time, you’ll want to try it out before you throw your money at it. 

Most slots and table games will have a free play mode, allowing you to play for fun money to learn how it works. 

This is also a great idea if you’re learning a new strategy, such as basic strategy for blackjack. 

Hone your skills and practice until you’re completely happy before you dive in and spend your hard-earned money!

Learn to manage your bankroll

learn to manage your bankroll

Managing your bankroll is an essential part of the crypto casino experience. 

Let’s say your bankroll is 100mBTC, it doesn’t make sense to play slots with a bet size of 1mBTC. 


You’ll only get 100 spins out of that, which could last you no more than 10 minutes. 

If that’s all your gambling money for the month, then you’re going to be pretty disappointed if it’s gone in 10 minutes or so. 

What you should do is take your bankroll and divide it by the number of hours you want to play for

That will give you a cost per hour, which you can then break down again into how many spins or rounds you can complete in that hour. 

So, let’s say you play at a speed of 300 spins per hour and you want to play for 10 hours over the week or month. 

If your bankroll remains 100mBTC you’ll need to set your bet size to 33 µBTC. 

This will guarantee you your 10 hours of play at 300 spins or rounds per hour. 

Obviously along the way you’ll score some wins and bonus rounds which will decrease the number of spins or rounds you can fit in per hour, so you will have more than enough in your bankroll to have all the fun you planned and more!

Remember, always play within your limits, and don’t try to bet bigger just because you feel pressured by streamers or other people betting bigger. 

Only bet with what you can afford to lose and at a rate that gives you the amount of fun you are planning to have!

Understand wager requirements

understand wager requirements

If you plan to claim a bonus, you should really understand wager requirements. 

Virtually all bonuses will come with what’s known as a wager requirement, and this will vary from bonus to bonus and crypto casino to crypto casino. 

In fact, wager requirements directly impact your chances of being able to keep your winnings from the bonuses. 

So, let’s say you get a bonus of 100mBTC with a 40x wager requirement on it. 

You’ll need to play that 100mBTC 40x, totaling 4 BTC worth of turnover. 

As you can see, that’s going to be a lot of work and will likely result in you losing most of the bonus funds anyway. 

So, we recommend bonuses that come with lower wager requirements as you’ve got a better chance of actually making some money with those. 

In our reviews of the best crypto casinos, we clearly state the bonuses and the wager requirements that are attached to them. 

This gives you all the information you need as to whether you should take a bonus or not!

What are RNG games?

what are rng games?

RNG games are called this because they use a random number generator. 

What this means is that in the background there’s a computer running an algorithm, generating hundreds of outcomes and results every second. 

Whenever you hit play on an RNG game, the result that was generated at the same time will be your outcome. 

An RNG game works by taking a set of seed numbers which you can often change in RNG games, making the game provably fair. 

There’s no way to trick or fool an RNG game, and you can forget about using card counting or pattern theories as RNG games are totally random.

As a result, a lot of players will avoid RNG table games as they are less authentic than using a single shoe of cards. 

How does RTP impact your gameplay experience?

how does rtp impact your gameplay experience?

When you play at a crypto casino, the house edge will be displayed as RTP for slots, also known as return to player. 

This is the amount of money that will, in theory, be returned back to the player over the course of millions of spins of the reels. 

Some crypto casinos will call it the house edge, which is also technically correct. 

In the case of house edge, it will be the percentage that is the difference between the RTP and 100%. 

For example, if the RTP is 96.2% the house edge will be 3.8%. 

For slots, the RTP ranges from 91% to 99%, but there aren’t many of the 97%-99% slots around these days. 

For table games, the RTP actually changes based on your skill level, strategy and execution. 

Let’s take blackjack for example. 

For a novice player the RTP will be about 98%. 

But if you use a strategy, such as basic strategy, you can increase this to 99.5%. 

The same goes for roulette. 

The RTP will change based on the bet you make owing to the potential for that bet to return a winner. 

The RTP, or RTP range, will be displayed on every single game that you play at a crypto casino.

Find a high roller crypto casino

find a high roller crypto casino

Life as a high roller in the crypto casino world can be incredibly rewarding. 

You will get VIP packages that include the likes of special bonuses, gifts, and experiences simply for playing at a crypto casino. 

The best crypto casinos have epic VIP packages and will take great care of you. 

For example, some have been known to even order a fresh pizza to your house from your favorite Italian restaurant while you’re playing. 

When a crypto casino goes out of its way like that, you know that you’re in good hands and will be looked after as a high roller. 

In all of our reviews we will detail the VIP packages, meaning you’ll quickly and easily be able to tell whether the high roller life is worth it or not at that particular crypto casino. 

Trust us on this, there are some amazing VIP programs out there for high rollers – your mind will be blown!

Keeping your crypto casino account secure

keeping your crypto casino account secure

When you’re using a crypto casino, you need to keep your account as secure as possible. 

Thankfully, most crypto casinos offer you a whole host of tools and features to fight off crime and prevent hackers from stealing your winnings. 

To begin with, make sure you’re using a unique password that’s as long as possible. 

We recommend using 12 characters that includes the following:

  • Upper case
  • Lower case
  • Special character
  • Number

Now, that’s not necessary and may be over the top for most people, but when your crypto and casino winnings are on the line, can you be too safe?

Next up it’s also worth enabling 2-factor authentication (2FA). 

Using a 2FA device or app is much more secure than SMS and email, so opt for an app like Authy or Google Authenticator. 

This simply means you need to enter a randomly generated code as an extra security layer when logging in and making withdrawals. 

Finally, some crypto casinos will allow you to create a whitelist of addresses. 

What this means is that you can verify a handful of wallets that you own, meaning you won’t need to go through the 3rd degree when you try to withdraw. 

So, in the event a hacker does get into your account, they can only withdraw to your whitelisted addresses. 

It’s an extra layer of security that’s well worth using if you want to keep your funds safe and secure!

Get all the crypto casino guides you need!

get all the crypto casino guides you need

At Safe Crypto Casino, we’ve been around the block several times, and we’re sharing that knowledge with you through all of these detailed guides. 

Each guide that we create is filled with exciting information to help you become the best and safest crypto casino player that you can be. 

We’re constantly adding new guides all the time, so check back regularly to learn new tips and tricks for the crypto casino world! 

Knowledge is power, and with enough power you can become a long-term winner and beat the house!

Good luck and happy learning!

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