Crypto Casino Promotions

Casino promotions are a great chance for you to cash in on some epic bonuses and win luxurious prizes.

Crypto casinos are known for their lavish casino promotions, so let’s dive into what they are and how they work.

After all, knowledge is power and if you know how casino promotions work, you’ll have the upper hand and an edge over the competition!

The complete guide to crypto casino promotions

Casino promotions can turn your experience from an average one into the best experience ever.

Promotions really are make or break for crypto casinos, so it’s great to know when there’s a casino promotion that has been done well.

But what are casino promotions and how do they work?

The team from Safe Crypto Casinos is here and we’re going to teach you everything there is to know about casino promotions.

After all, some promotions are not quite what they appear to be.

So, arm yourself with knowledge and become the smartest person in the room when it comes to casino promos!

What are casino promotions?

what are casino promotions?

Casino promotions, or bonuses, are fun events that every crypto casino will run to mix it up a bit and keep you interested.

Promos can be as simple as a weekly deposit bonus or as lavish as a month-long competition to win cars, vacations and more.

The best crypto casinos generally have the best casino promotions, and that’s down to age and experience.

It’s not often that you’ll find a small or young crypto casino offering massive promotions, and that’s totally normal for this world.

A lot of crypto casinos will run recurring themed promotions or promotions dedicated to special days of the year, such as Valentine’s day, Black Friday or Christmas.

Casino promotions typically involve you depositing or turning over a certain amount of money on a particular set of games in exchange for various bonuses, such as free spins or cashback.

Occasionally, crypto casinos will run bigger promotions where you can win luxurious items.

For example, bitStarz casino runs a casino promotion called Level Up Adventure and has done so since 2019.

This promotion typically lasts for just over a month at a stretch and allows you to win tons of goodies, including cars and luxury vacations.

Well, it used to, at least.

Since 2020, crypto casino promotions have begun to drop the physical prizes, opting for cash prizes instead.

But more on this later.

You get the essence of it.

Crypto casino promotions are huge and give you the chance to win epic prizes by playing your favorite games and competing against other players.

These types of promotions will often have a theme and there will be lots of references to the theme and artwork that matches it as well.

This gives you an all-round sense of belonging when it comes to crypto casino promotions!

So, let’s now look at how crypto casino promotions work!

How do casino promotions work?

how do casino promotions work?

Now we know what casino promotions are, it’s time to see how they work!

Let’s begin by looking at weekly casino promotions.

Weekly casino promotions will either run for a single day or run for the entire week then reset at the end of the week.

You’ll often see battle or race themed promotions that run from Monday to Sunday, with players competing against one another to win some sort of bonus, whether it’s free spins or bonus cash.

These promotions are usually based on turnover, meaning that the more you wager, the more points you get and the higher up the leader board you finish.

The higher up the leader board you finish, the better your prize will be.

If it’s a single day promotion that runs every week, chances are it’ll be a reload promotion.

In these promotions you’ll be able to make a deposit to your account and in exchange you’ll either get a deposit match up to a certain amount or some free spins.

These are nice promotions and are great to use if you want a little extra money to play with or some free spins to try out a new crypto slot.

If this sounds like you, it’s often worth timing your deposits to line up with these types of casino promotions.

Some crypto casinos will also do a single day weekly cashback promotion, meaning you’ll get cashback on your losses for 1 day every week.

These are also great fun.

Then you have the big promotions.

These are like bitStarz’ Level Up Adventure where you can win crazy big prizes.

We’ve seen casino promotions of this size give out luxury cars, 5* vacations and even real estate.

The big promotions from the crypto casino world are often out of this world.

The big promotions will often be like the weekly races, just over a longer period of time and require you to complete more levels or turnover more money in order to climb up the leaderboard.

As a result, the top prize can end up being worth a significant sum of money less than you had to spend in order to win it.

It’s also worth noting that in these cases, the average Joe player will have a hard time in reaching the top prizes.

Most of the big promotions at the top crypto casinos will require you to turnover a few million dollars’ worth of crypto in order to win the prize, which is probably worth $50,000 or so.

And that’s how crypto casino promotions work.

More often than not you’re looking at turnover requirements to compete in them, pitting you directly against other players at the casino!

Do all casinos have promotions?

do all casinos have promotions?

Promotions are the easiest way to keep players interested and playing at a crypto casino.

So, as a result virtually all casinos will run promotions.

Some will run smaller promotions than others, but this is largely down to their age and their size.

A casino that’s only making $50,000 a month profit will not run a promotion that will cost it $100,000 – it doesn’t make sense.

This means that the best crypto casinos often have the best promotions.

Young crypto casinos will have some promotions, but they’ll be very basic, small and infrequent.

You’ll likely see a couple of these promotions every few weeks, rather than daily or weekly like you will at bigger crypto casinos.

So the answer is no, not all casinos will have promotions but most will.

Are promotions good value for money?

are promotions good value for money?

The most important thing to look at when you’re taking part in a crypto casino promotion is if it’s good value for money.

What we mean by this is do you need to spend more money than it would cost to buy the prize.

It’s also worth looking at whether that prize is worth the time it will take you as well.

For example, a Tesla Model 3 starts out at $40,000, so if that’s the main prize in a promotion, you don’t want to have to spend more than $40,000 to win it.

Unfortunately, most crypto casinos will put this as the top prize and if it’s a wagering-based promotion, you’ll need to wager millions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin to be able to win it.

So, in these cases casino promotions tend not to be good value for money if you’re playing just to win the car.

But sometimes casino promotions can offer up other prizes, such as free spins and cashback.

When you’re competing against the house rather than other players you tend to get better value for your money.

Let’s say there’s a casino promotion offering 40% cashback on your table losses for the weekend, and you like to play blackjack using perfect basic strategy and you can count cards.

This will cut down the house edge and make it almost a positive EV game to play.

So, as a result, this is a type of promotion that can be profitable to take advantage of and take part in.

But, for the most part, casino promotions are just about having fun and enjoying a new type of adventure at the best crypto casinos!

Do crypto casino promotions offer physical prizes?

do crypto casino promotions offer physical prizes?

Most crypto casino promotions will avoid offering physical prizes, and there’s actually a good reason for this.

Crypto casinos pride themselves on being rather relaxed and not asking too much information to complete KYC.

By doing this, they can then slide into markets that are unregulated or that they may not legally be able to operate in.

For example, a lot of crypto casinos will permit American players to deposit, play and withdraw, but legally they cannot.

So, if they find out that you’re American they have to close you down.

By using crypto as the deposit method, crypto casinos can have “plausible deniability”, which means they’ll allow you to play.

But, if you then win a prize from a promotion and you tell them you want it shipped to the USA, they then have to close down your account.

So, to avoid this regulatory nightmare, a lot of crypto casinos have axed physical prizes from their promotions.

In fact, if you live in a jurisdiction that is banned from a crypto casino in the terms and conditions, but the casinos promotions don’t have any physical prizes, it could very well be that they permit players like you, as long as you don’t kick up a fuss or point out that you’re from a banned country.

Now, we don’t advise that you do this or use this as a litmus test, but it’s a good indicator.

So, if you were wondering why a crypto casino suddenly cut its physical prizes, like cars and merch, you now know the reason – they’re allowing players from banned countries to play on the downlow!

Crypto casino promotions are a ball of fun

casino promotions are a ball of fun

Casino promotions are a ton of fun and can sometimes give you an advantage over the house, if you know how to use them correctly.

But, at the same time, casino promotions can be bad value for money, so do pay close attention when you are taking part in them so that you play in promotions that give you a fair chance at winning a prize for the cost or less than the cost of the prize.

Otherwise it’s going to cost you a lot more than if you just went out and bought the item.

Casino promotions are here to stay and you’ll find the best promotions at the best crypto casinos!

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