Crypto Casino Comparisons

Armed with years of industry experience, here at Safe Crypto Casinos we’re ready and waiting to give you all the information you need when it comes to comparing crypto casinos so that you can find the best site for you.

Taking a look at the crypto casino options

Getting started at an online crypto casino can be daunting.

We get it — there are so many options that all look relatively similar that it can be hard to know where to begin.

You’re also about to put your crypto in a potentially insecure site and hope for the best, so trust is a massive issue here.

To alleviate any fears you might be having, here at Safe Crypto Casinos we’re going to help you with all of this.

Working in the industry ourselves, we’ve actually seen the best (and the worst), that the crypto casino world has to offer.

Stick with us as we aim to make your crypto casino comparison experience a very easy, safe, and fun one.

So, let’s dive right in and see how we carry out these crypto casino comparisons!

Why compare crypto casinos?

You may feel that you’re seeing the same things time and time again when you look at the different crypto casinos out there, and you’re not wrong!

Most crypto sites feel familiar because they are built on the same lines — after all, these operators do know what players want.

While the operators are (for the most part) unique, there are only a handful of system software providers such as SoftSwiss, GammaStack, SoftGamings, and so on.

Although a very small number of operators do build their own systems and spin up a handful of sites, thousands of other operators utilize a white label system to access system software from one of the above-mentioned providers.

This enables each individual operator to create their unique crypto casino sites by putting their own design and spin on the basic software building blocks

Unfortunately, this does mean that some of the less reputable sites can actually look very similar to the best crypto casinos out there.

This could catch you out, especially if you are new to the crypto casino world.

To help you out, we’ve taken the time to do some crypto casino comparisons so that you can learn exactly how the different sites stack up against each other.

These crypto casino comparisons are a great way to see where one casino comes out ahead over another.

Providing you with these head-to-heads means that you can choose the features that are more important to you, ultimately picking a site that is safe, but matches your specific requirements.

How we compare crypto casinos

If you’re wondering how we go about creating these crypto casino comparisons, the answer is easy.

We simply take all the main features that affect your enjoyment of the site and compare them across casinos.

Some of the many factors we consider include:

  • Licensing, safety, and trustworthiness
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Games
  • Supported cryptocurrencies
  • Customer support
  • User experience
  • KYC status

Listing all of them is just going to bore you so we’re keeping it simple, but don’t worry, we only recommend the best sites.

In fact, all our crypto casino comparisons are exclusively of the best sites — we’re not going to waste your time (or ours), pitting a poor site against a great one.

The best crypto casino comparisons right now are:

  • bitStarz vs Stake
  • Cloudbet vs Stake
  • Cloudbet vs Bitcasino
  • Stake vs Bitcasino

These are the sites we compared as they come out on top based on our ranking factors which you can check out here.

You can take a look at these comparisons now, but first, why not see exactly what each of our ranking categories means and what we look at when comparing crypto casinos.

Getting into the nitty-gritty with the important crypto casino features

While we’re happy to do the comparison work for you, it’s still a good idea to actually understand what each of the features we consider means and offers.

So, here’s a quick breakdown of the comparison categories so that you can take a look for yourself if you want to.

Licensing, safety, and trustworthiness

If you have played at any online casinos before, you’ll have learned that a license is important, but things are a little bit different in the crypto casino world.

Although many crypto casinos do hold a license, usually from Curacao, there are many fantastic and trustworthy crypto casinos out there with no license at all.

From your side though, having a license or not does not protect you in any way, but it does open up more doors for you in terms of freedom like non-mandatory KYC protocols.

If you’re worried about playing at one of these casinos and ensuring your crypto is safe, there are other safeguards you can look for too.

And let’s not forgot that here at Safe Crypto Casinos, everything is exactly that … safe, as we never recommend a site we wouldn’t trust ourselves.

In terms of safety, a 256-bit SSL certificate is the bare minimum these days and means your data is end-to-end encrypted.

You can check by clicking on the padlock icon in the site’s URL and then clicking on “Connection is secure” followed by “Certificate is valid” to see the SSL certificate general info and details to check that the SHA-256 fingerprint is in use.

Sites that also encourage you to enable 2FA through either Google Authenticator or Authy, or to use hardware 2FA such as Yubico if the casino uses FIDO2, all help you to keep your crypto safe and score highly in our crypto casino comparisons.

Taking a look at whether the casino uses hot or cold storage wallets is also a must — the latter ensuring your money is safe when you make a deposit.

Pooled hot wallets though can be a bit of an iffy way to go because if someone gets access to the hot wallets, then don’t expect to see your funds again.

Bonuses and promotions

Everyone loves a bonus, including us.

Bonuses are a great way to get started at a new site and can really help to kickstart your gameplay, depending on the bonus of course.

When comparing crypto casinos, we make sure we look at all the bonus options, and not just the more obvious welcome offers.

Welcome offers come in a range of different options, so we like to see whether they’re for a single deposit or span multiple ones.

It’s also important to check out the deposit values you can use, whether the casino has a range of cryptos available for the bonus or even accepts fiat deposits.

While welcome bonuses are a great way to start, it’s also great to have ongoing bonus offers too.

We’re talking reload bonuses, free spins, cashback, and more, as these can all help to make your gaming that little bit better.

The icing on the cake is when a casino also offers a VIP or loyalty program allowing you to claim more bonuses and prizes just for playing with your funds on various different games.

Pretty much all bonuses come with wagering requirements though, and you do need to check these out so as not to get caught out down the line.

The smaller the requirements, the more likely you’ll be able to meet them and actually make a withdrawal too.

We check out all of these terms and conditions in our crypto casino comparisons, all so that you don’t have to!


Just because you’re playing at a crypto casino doesn’t mean you need to settle for a substandard game selection.

Luckily, at the top crypto casinos you won’t have to — and we only pick the best!

The game selection should be diverse offering a mix of game types from slots through to virtual and live table games so that you have plenty of choices.

Games should also be from a wide array of providers — and it’s even better when they’re from some of the top providers out there ensuring you’re going to get quality gaming.

Of course, it’s also fun if the casino offers a large number of games, though it’s not always necessary if the casino has a diverse selection.

Being able to access these games from a mobile device is a must in this day and age, so we always make sure that the casino has that option giving you a flawless gaming experience no matter what platform you’re on.

Finally, and while you may not think it’s such a big deal (we do), we take a look at the layout of the games and whether there are convenient filters and category options available.

Trust us when we say that having some good game filter options is the best way to improve your gaming experience as you can locate the perfect game a whole lot faster.

Supported cryptocurrencies

As we’re looking at crypto casinos, it makes sense here to take a look at the different cryptocurrency options offered.

Bitcoin is unequivocally the most common crypto at these types of casinos, but we really love it when a crypto casino actually offers more than just that.

A growing number of crypto casinos will offer anywhere from six to ten different cryptos giving you a lot more choice when you start playing.

In fact, this is something our crypto casino comparisons actually take into consideration when we rate two sites against one another.

Some of the top cryptos now accepted at online casinos also include Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, Ripple, Bitcoin cash, and more.

Most of these crypto casinos will also offer a fiat deposit option as well with a range of different deposit methods accepted too.

In fact, the best crypto casinos will accept a range of fiat currencies and also list both crypto and fiat values when discussing bonuses.

However, some crypto casinos accept deposits in crypto but forcibly convert that deposit into fiat/stablecoin, whereas others allow you to choose whether or not to deposit using crypto directly into a fiat currency account.

The latter option is preferred and rated more highly by us, although both options allow you to play with that fiat currency, opening up access to certain games that don’t support crypto.

Some casinos also allow you to purchase crypto directly through their site using Moonpay, but you’ll need to be aware that there are quite often hefty fees associated with this type of transaction.

Deposits and withdrawals

Getting any winnings in a timely manner is also important, so we do look at the confirmation requirements for transactions for all the cryptos.

Some casinos offer 0 confirmation deposits for Bitcoin (though other cryptos will need at least 6 confirms), which means your funds appear instantly in your casino account, and you can get playing right away, which scores highly with us.

If you’re lucky and land some wins, you’ll have to wait a bit longer though to get your hands on your cash.

All casinos have a processing period, during which they verify your gameplay and check any wagering requirements have been fulfilled before initiating the withdrawal request.

The time it then takes to transfer your crypto into your personal wallet depends on the number of confirmations required.

The best crypto casinos require just 6 confirms for Bitcoin, though other cryptos can require significantly more, which makes it very important to check this out.

After all, it can mean the difference between getting your winnings within an hour or two, once the casino’ has initiated the withdrawal, or having to wait much longer for those confirms to complete.

Customer support

You may not think it, but this is an important feature of any online casino no matter how well or smoothly the site appears to operate.

When we compare crypto casinos, we want to see the bare minimum in place and this includes having live chat and email options.

These days, we also expect the live chat to be available 24/7 too, and if it’s not, well, that’s just disappointing.

We also love it when the crypto casino offers a range of different languages for its support too and not just in English.

Response time is also important, with casinos replying in 10 minutes or under getting a big thumbs up from us.

Any casino that has a professional and helpful customer support team is a must and if there are social media channels, well then this is just outstanding.

Support should also be available across both mobile and desktop platforms.

User experience

Being able to use the website effectively is also a must when it comes to choosing a crypto casino.

Websites offering a clear layout, useful menus and buttons, strong graphics, and so on are scored better in our crypto casino comparisons.

Sites must also work smoothly with minimal lag regardless of your connection quality or type.

It helps if the buttons, menus and different sections of the site are where you expect them to be so that you don’t have to go searching for any length of time.

A great homepage is a must — you need to be able to find the bonuses, games, top features, and more all from this one spot, otherwise we consider it a bit of a waste of time.

Essentially what we’re saying here is that you don’t want the design to leave any room for error when looking through a casino website.

Cluttered sites with over-the-top graphics can become confusing, but minimalist websites with oodles of white space can appear sterile and not really conducive to a great gaming experience either.

KYC status

Many of us go to crypto casinos to get a bit of freedom and anonymity in our gaming, and this is where it’s important to take a look at the KYC protocols in place at each site.

In our crypto casino comparisons, we look to see exactly how much of your personal data you need to be handing over to the casino in order to get your account up and running.

Let’s be honest here, most crypto casinos still need the rudimentary details, such as your email address and phone number.

But, the great thing about crypto casinos is that you don’t need to verify these details right away.

You may be asked to verify them at a later stage when you make a withdrawal, but equally, you might not.

Often you won’t actually have to verify your account at all as some sites have non-mandatory KYC in place.

The only time you might get pinged is if the casino determines you’re showing some rather suspicious behavior or placing extra large stakes when you play.

Despite some of you no doubt wanting to remain anonymous, because of these potential checks you’re better off providing the right information from the outset.

So, what are the benefits of crypto casinos?

Now you know how we compare crypto casinos, let’s think about why you would want to play at one.

Well, there are a number of massive advantages when it comes to using a crypto casino.

Let’s consider some of the top reasons to look at our crypto casino comparisons and choose a great site.

Quick withdrawals

Without a doubt, the number one advantage of using a cryptocurrency means that when you hit withdraw, once the request is processed, the money is in your wallet in minutes.

Gone are the long 7-day waits when using fiat withdrawal options.

Instead, your funds are quickly yours, and you can move on to actually enjoying your winnings outside the casino.


A massive factor in favor of crypto casinos is the fact that there is reduced KYC protocols.

For those of you looking to remain more or less anonymous, you only have to provide the bare minimum when it comes to your personal data.

You usually don’t need to verify either which means once you have filled in the details you’re up and running.

Who doesn’t want to get playing as quickly as possible?

If you make deposits and withdrawals using crypto, these transactions don’t show up on your bank statement.

This is a massive plus point for those of you living in countries where there are stricter rules regarding gambling deposits.

In fact, some countries can reject loans or mortgages if you have gambling deposits, so, as crypto casinos don’t give out your info, you can actually have a little extra freedom in this area.

Micro Gambling

Using crypto casinos also means you don’t have to place large bets.

Crypto sites are one of the few places that you can micro gamble, which means that you can place bets of less than a cent!

Cryptos like Dogecoin give you this freedom to place microbets, so you can have fun without spending a lot of money.

This is a great way to try out a new game or figure out a different strategy without using up too much of your funds.

What can go wrong if you don’t choose a safe crypto casino?

As with anything, anytime there are benefits, there are also drawbacks, and the same is true of crypto casinos.

While there are some downsides, most of these are associated with a poor crypto casino rather than crypto casinos as a whole.

And that’s why we’re so careful with the sites we recommend to you.

So, if you don’t choose a safe crypto casino, what can actually go wrong?

Let’s take a very quick look at some of the problems you might encounter.

No Recourse

Because no one controls the blockchain, if you have an issue with a transaction, it will be difficult to resolve.

While your wallet provider or the crypto casino may provide some kind of customer service, they have no influence over the blockchain.

Furthermore, if the funds in your crypto wallet are stolen, while they will be traceable, your chances of recovering them are pretty much zero.

No reversals

Funds leave your personal wallet instantly, moving to the mempool for processing into blocks.

Although your funds can sit in that mempool for hours, or even days, you can’t take them back.

As a result, if there is an issue with the casino, there is no method to chargeback or reverse the payment, as you can with a credit card.

This is one of the reasons why you should only play at trusted crypto casinos, such as those recommended by Safe Crypto Casinos.

How to stay safe when playing at a crypto casino

First off, choose one of our recommended crypto sites!

We can’t emphasize this enough, but we’ve been in the business a long time, and we really do know our stuff!

We make sure that all the information we give you will help you to feel secure when you sign up to one of the recommended sites.

If you’re still hesitant, we suggest that you just make a smaller deposit when you start out.

That way you can make sure you’re comfortable and, if something does go wrong, you’re not going to lose too much.

Once you are comfortable with the interface, the games, and everything else about the crypto casino, you can move forward with larger deposits in complete comfort!

Having fun playing at crypto casinos

There are many crypto casinos out there for you to choose from, but taking a look at our crypto casino comparisons should set you on the path to finding the right place to play.

Here at Safe Crypto Casinos, we make the process of finding a top crypto casino as easy as possible.

When we compare crypto casinos, we only look at the best, safest options, so even then they’re both great choices.

Take a look at the best crypto casino comparisons today and choose your favorite to start playing.

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