Nitrogen Sports

Launched in 2012, Nitrogen Sports offers players the chance to play home-brewed cryptocurrencies on the low-down, meaning no personal information is needed when creating your account.

Nitrogen Sports is one of the more experienced players in the online crypt gaming space, with so much to offer to all interested.

We have broken down the basics to see if this crypto casino is a perfect fit for you!

89% overall rating



Nitrogen Sports Summary

Nitrogen Sports has been around for a lot longer than the majority of other crypto casinos. 

This has allowed Nitrogen to gain a solid foothold and build a strong reputation in the crypto gambling world.

The owners are based in San Jose, Costa Rica and are known as Ideal Media Inc. 

When this was discovered, there were a few heads turned, as Costa Rica doesn’t actually issue online gaming licenses. 

While this does mean you’ve got no regulatory body to fall back on if the worst happens, it also means that you’re not bound by any silly rules, such as KYC. 


  • Extremely fast payouts
  • Can be accessed from most countries
  • Intuitive Website design


  • Limited range of games
  • No live chat support
  • Only supports Bitcoin


  • Name – Nitrogen Sports
  • Launched – 2012
  • Licenses – No License
  • VIP Program – No

Game Types: 

  • Three card poker
  • Dice
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Slots
  • Craps
  • Sportsbook


  • Homebrew games only

Supported cryptocurrencies: 

  • Bitcoin

Customer service: 

  • Email

Nitrogen Sports review

Nitrogen Sports Review

Nitrogen Sports was established in 2012 and came at a time where there were very few options in the crypto casino world. 

Initially, Nitrogen sports was flexible, giving its customers the option to play in both fiat and cryptocurrency. 

However, Nitrogen decided to close its door on that chapter and focus on being a Bitcoin only crypto gambing site. 

There are 3 main services which Nitrogen sports provides, which are:

  • Casino
  • Poker
  • Sportsbook

Also as previously discussed, the good thing about being a customer at Nitrogen Sports, is that you have complete anonymity when playing. 

Thanks to having no regulatory burdens or fiat gateways, Nitrogen Sports can offer a totally KYC-free crypto gambling experience. 

This does mean that you won’t find many games to play at Nitrogen Sports, but if you care about your privacy and the KYC-free experience, it’s well worth it. 

Nitrogen Sports licensing, safety, and trustworthiness

Nitrogen Sports licensing, safety, and trustworthiness

Not having a license can come across as a big risk for players looking to join Nitrogen Sports.  

But this isn’t something you need to fear as Nitrogen Sports is one of the most reputable names in the crypto gambling world. 

One of the top features which gives you that level of trust, is its certification from CGF. 

This refers to the Crypto Gambling Foundation, which is essentially an independent entity that assesses the security and performance features of crypto casinos.

It’s not easy to gain and keep, so credit is due to Nitrogen Sports for doing both. 

Now even though Nitrogen Sports advertises itself as a worldwide friendly site, there are reports of some players who have received the access denied message. 

Nitrogen Sports explained to us that this is more due to the IP address of some users, most countries are able to access the site and play. 

The safety and security of the players is Nitrogen Sports main priority and does not take anything lightly. 

All information on the security of the site and their rules and regulations can be found in the “Help” section of the website. 

Nitrogen Sports bonuses and promotions

Nitrogen Sports bonuses and promotions

Nitrogen Sports doesn’t offer any bonuses or promotions, which might be a turnoff for a lot of people. 

There are no welcome bonuses, free spins or cashback bonuses. 

Instead, Nitrogen Sports offers a Parlay Jackpot. 

This pays out players that lose parlay wagers on the sportsbook. 

However, as of September 2021, the Parlay Jackpot is suspended, with no date for it to be resumed again.

This is the one drawback of having no 3rd party game providers or license. 

Nitrogen Sports games

Nitrogen Sports games

Some may say the lack of games available at Nitrogen Sports is a flaw, and some may say they only provide the best games.

Whatever your stance is, the handful of crypto casino games that you can play are well made and are exciting. 

You can currently play Blackjack, Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Craps and Dice at Nitrogen Sports. 

These are all provided by Nitrogen sports themselves, meaning that you have to trust Nitrogen Sports’ integrity. 

There’s a good selection of poker rooms to choose from, which is always good to have. 

The dice game also has a jackpot, which can be profitable to play from time to time. 

Nitrogen Sports supported cryptocurrencies

Nitrogen Sports supported cryptocurrencies

It’s super important to know that Nitrogen Sports only accepts payments in BTC.

All you need to do is click deposit on the dashboard, then copy the address which pops up, or scan the QR code with your wallet. 

You’ll then need to paste it in your source wallet and it should show instantly as Nitrogen uses 0 confirmation deposits. 

There are no withdrawal or deposit fees, only the transaction fees that you’d expect when sending Bitcoin. 

You cannot adjust the fee level that you pay, but Nitrogen Sports uses a decent level of fees that offers a nice balance between speed and low-cost. 

Nitrogen Sports customer support

Nitrogen Sports customer support

The customer support at Nitrogen Sports is fairly unique, sticking to the trend for the rest of this crypto casino. 

Nitrogen sports offers customer support, but only via email. 

They use a ticketing system, due to the lack of KYC, and all you need to do is fill in the form with your query, and they will create a ticket for your issue. 

The team is well trained, polite and fast too. 

The good thing is that they do like to check up on you as well. 

We contacted them for some information, and a week after the issue had been solved, they contacted us again asking if we were enjoying our experience. 

Responses generally take no longer than half an hour, but as mentioned, the professionalism and kindness of the support team goes a long way in the overall customer experience. 

Nitrogen Sports user experience

Nitrogen Sports user experience

Nitrogen Sports is a well designed website with a great cryptocurrency logic which has clearly been implemented into the designs. 

Understandably, when you first enter the site, you’re going to think it’s just sports. 

However, you’ll soon learn that’s not the case.

The home screen is bright and vibrant and almost gives you a little futuristic feel to it all. 

Having said that, there is a calming tone to not only some of the designs, but even the colors and the fonts used. 

The left of the homepage essentially gives you everything you might need. 

It’s the full list of pretty much everything that’s on the site from sports to casino. 

It has fast software, everything seems to load pretty fast and we are very impressed with the fun but simple tone of voice used in the content aspect too. 

Everything seems to function as it should with no bugs or stoppages when navigating your way around. 

They even offer a “Start The Tour” button which gives you a very detailed guide of everything on the site that you may need. 

We did notice at times when navigating your way around the site without an account, that pop ups would come up asking us to create an account. 

This was easily avoidable however it did become slightly annoying. 

Once you create the account however, the site becomes yours to freely roam around and enjoy all the fun features up for offer. 

Nitrogen Sports KYC status

Nitrogen Sports KYC status

If you’re a player who loves to remain anonymous, and want to have a trouble free crypto casino experience without being hounded for personal details, then Nitrogen Sports Is probably the one for you. 

With this being a crypto focused casino, there are absolutely no requirements for any documentation, from depositing all the way to withdrawing. 

Even registering your account is easy, all they ask for is a username, and then you’re good to go. 

It may come across as being slightly suspicious, but we have nothing but praise to sing for Nitrogen Sports. 

We’ve been playing here for a number of years now and have had no issues at all. 

Nitrogen Sports review – our verdict

Nitrogen Sports review – our verdict

Nitrogen Sports is extremely unique with its KYC-free approach and its homebrew games.

It definitely caters to a specific segment of crypto gamblers that are privacy-focused, and it does this extremely well. 

This does mean that you will suffer from a poor selection of games, which might not be for everyone. 

Also the fact that it’s a pure Bitcoin casino might also get chalked up as a negative, but again, Bitcoin is the daddy of all cryptos. 

But if you’re into remaining anonymous, then Nitrogen Sports is the best crypto casino that you can sign up at – period!

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