Understanding Wager Requirements

One of the main things that make online casinos popular is the wide array of bonuses and promotions. Almost every casino site has at least one of these offers, and most of them provide several promos at once. From sign-up bonuses and welcome packages to regular deposit bonuses and cashback deals, every player can get more from their gaming experience by visiting a gambling website like this. 

Even though online casinos make these deals look like free money, they are not. First of all, players typically must deposit or wager some cash before they get a chance to get back something in return. Also, they must meet specific conditions to get an opportunity to withdraw the earnings. So, it’s vital to read the fine print before using any of these bonuses.

Don’t let the big percentages and numbers confuse you. Of all the things you should read about the bonus terms and conditions, the wagering requirements are probably the most important. Understanding wagering requirements can be challenging for new players (and even for experienced users), and that’s why we have prepared this guide for you.

Wagering requirements – the basics

There’s no definition accepted globally, but generally speaking, wagering requirements represent a specific amount of money players must wager through their bets before getting a chance to withdraw the bonus funds or earnings they have earned thanks to the bonus.

It may sound a little bit difficult to understand. Still, the fact is that understanding wagering requirements is easy, especially when you have examples in front of you. 

These requirements make sense if you think about this, and some online casinos have learned this the hard way back in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Namely, when the first websites dedicated to gambling emerged on the Internet, many of them had sign-up bonuses without wagering requirements. So, players started taking advantage of these deals simply by signing up, getting the reward, and cashing out without even trying the games.

Today, we have a mechanism that vouches that these promos are used only by serious players. Of course, the other reason why they exist is that casinos manage to get back some (or all) of the “free money” they’ve given to players. Now let’s get back to the wagering part.

A wager is just another word for a bet. It represents the money you place before a spin in your favorite video slot or before cards are dealt in a poker game. For instance, when players play online slots and place a bet of €1 per spin, they wagered €1. The outcome doesn’t matter because you have already wagered €1.

Players who will take 30 spins in a row will wager €30 and so on. During this gambling session, you may win €300 or lose all €30, but nothing changes that you’ve wagered €30. Remember that we’ve taken online slots as an example because they are the most popular casino games. Still, wagering on any other game, be it roulette, poker, or scratch cards, is the same. 

Meeting the wagering requirements

All the percentages, currencies, and multipliers part of the wagering requirements may seem overwhelming initially. Still, it won’t take much time before you understand how they work. Players should remember that the number of times you must wager the bonus amount (typically represented by 10x, 20x, 30x, etc.) is essential.

Every online casino has a different policy, but typically, these values are between 20 and 40 times. As we said before, it’s better to explain this with an example. Let’s say you have used a bonus offer worth €100, and the wagering requirement is 10x the bonus amount.

Simply put, users must place bets worth €1000 before they can request withdrawal linked to the bonus money. 

Besides that, we have bonuses with wagering requirements covering the bonus money and the deposit amount. When you have a wagering requirement like this, you must consider the deposit amount. So, if you get a 100% bonus up to €100 with a wagering requirement of 30 times and deposit €100, you must wager the bonus and deposit 30 times (that’s €6000 in this case).

Not all games are equal

Even though you’ve learned the basics of wagering requirements, you are still not ready to use the bonuses and get the most from them. It is almost impossible to find an online casino that treats all games equally regarding contributions.

As a matter of fact, many of them consider only online slots eligible for meeting the terms. In this case, only the money you wager on slot games contributes to the terms. 

Furthermore, some gambling websites will focus on specific slot titles. In contrast, others allow scratch cards and lottery games to contribute towards wagering at 100 percent. Even if some casinos accept other types of games, they usually don’t contribute equally.

For example, wagering €1 at a roulette game can contribute with just 10% (€0.1) instead of €1 like slots. The same goes for baccarat, blackjack, and other games. As we said before, some titles may be excluded entirely and won’t contribute to the bonus.

Of course, just because some games don’t contribute equally doesn’t mean you should give up on them. However, you will need more rounds which ultimately means more time to meet the terms.

On the other hand, slot games are based on pure luck, and you don’t need any strategy to win, making it the fastest way to see whether you will get something from the bonus or not. Players should read the bonus T&Cs and decide what kind of approach suits their gaming style the most.

How to get the most from slots for wagering

It goes without saying that you can use every game that contributes to the wagering requirements in any way. Yet, we have already concluded that almost all online casinos favorite slots. In most cases, they contribute 100% to the requirements.

Again, this means that for every €1 wagered on a slot game, you provide €1 to the wagering terms. 

Since there are literally hundreds of video slots out there, it’s logical to ask whether your specific choice of title is irrelevant. It turns out that there is a difference even between the slots themselves. 

Two technical things are often discussed when it comes to these games – the RTP and volatility level. The first one stands for Return to Player percentage.

This is the theoretical payout rate after a regular gaming session. The RTP percentages in modern slots are usually between 94% and 96%. Still, they don’t play a significant role in the wagering requirements. The crucial thing here is the volatility level.

Low, medium, or high – these are the volatility levels you can expect in modern slots. Some providers make even more refined distinctions by evaluating their products on scales from 1 to 5 or from 1 to 10.

Every player should remember that a low volatility slot delivers payouts more often. Still, most of these payouts are not that big. On the other hand, we have the high volatility counterparts that provide higher payouts, but they do this less frequently. As expected, the medium volatility slot brings balance between these indicators.

The logical thing to do here is to opt for low volatility slots. Once again, you may need more time to complete the task, but you will win more frequently.

Some players may argue that it’s better to risk more and choose high volatility games, but we disagree. Anyway, there are dozens of attractive video slots that belong to all categories that promise many fun moments, so in the end, it’s up to you. 

Some of the best low volatility slots include Starburst by NetEnt, Age of Gods: God of Storms by Playtech, Reel King Mega by Red Tiger, and Clover Rollover 2 by Eyecon. As for the best high volatility titles, we have Book of Dead by Play’n GO, Bonanza Megaways by Big Time Gaming, Fluffy Favourites by Eyecon, and Bigger Bass Bonanza by Reel Kingdom.

Other things you should take into account

In addition to the number of times, you must wager the bonus amount (and deposit amount in some cases) and the contributing games. Players should consider a few other things, and one of these things is the time limits associated with these offers.

Almost all bonuses (first deposit, regular deposit, etc.) come with a time frame during which you must meet the requirements to get paid. So, you can’t use the code and get the bonus and then use it for months.

You must consider this promotional period because otherwise, you will lose the prize regardless of your progress. Once this time passes, the bonus expires. 

In most cases, you get 15 to 30 days to meet the wagering requirements (rollover requirements) for the Welcome Bonus offer. This is a reasonable amount of time for those who will opt for slots, and others may have to play more on a daily basis to complete this task.

We recommend avoiding websites with short bonus expiration dates (7 days or less). Playing on such a short schedule will probably make you make wrong moves and definitely kill the joy of gambling. To stay on the safe side, analyze this term.

Another thing we should mention is the winning or withdrawing limits. The latter is rarer, and only a small number of online casinos require winning a minimum amount of money through the bonus offer for withdrawal.

So, even if you have received €300 as a bonus, you can withdraw just €5 in the end, if that’s the amount you’ve earned after rolling over the initial amount 10, 20, or more times.

What’s more important is the maximum limit. You definitely don’t want to spend hours playing games to meet the wagering requirement only to find out that you can’t withdraw more than the initial bonus amount.

The best crypto casinos out there usually have limits that are 5 or 10 times higher than the highest bonus amount you can receive. For instance, if players get a €200 bonus, they should get a chance to withdraw their earnings when they are worth €1000 or even €2000.

While talking about these things, we should also mention the free spins bonus, which is becoming more popular. Just because you have not received a bonus in fiat currency or cryptocurrency, this doesn’t mean that there are no wagering requirements associated with it.

Generally speaking, you must wager the amount you’ve won before they come to your wallet. 

Wagering requirements – final thoughts

Looking at the bonus amount you will get from an online casino should not be your only consideration while analyzing the bonuses and promos they offer.

They can promise significant amounts, but you should also think about how easy it would be to get this money to your crypto wallet or bank account. Of course, we are talking about the wagering requirements, also known as rollover or playthrough requirements. 

The times you must wager the given amount is probably the most important thing here. Anything between 10 and 40 times should be considered reasonable. Of course, this is not the only thing you should analyze before opting for a bonus.

We also have the contribution percentage of different kinds of casino games. We’ve already mentioned that the best idea is to play video slot games with low volatility. Still, it’s up to the player and their preferences in the end. 

Furthermore, there are limits associated with these offers, such as time and amounts, that you should consider. Finally, we should point out that the wagering requirements can differ for players from specific countries even though they use the same online casino. This depends on the national laws and regulations in certain countries. 

All in all, the wagering requirements may look complicated at first. Still, by reading guides like this, you should be prepared for what you can expect from them and maximize their effects.