How to Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo Online

Without any doubt, slots and card games are the first things that most players are looking for in land-based and online casinos. But, this doesn’t mean that casino games that rely on dice are boring. On the contrary, e few examples can confirm that dice releases can be equally fun, fast-paced, and ultimately rewarding. One of these examples is Sic Bo, a game played in China since ancient times. It’s worth mentioning that Sic Bo means precious dice in Chinese. You can also find it under a few other names, including dai siu, tai sai, or big/small. 

Asian people had played Sic Bo for hundreds of years. Starting from the 20th century, when they brought this game with them to the United States, the rest of the world became familiar with this thrilling activity. If you conduct some research, you will notice that most online casinos, including crypto casinos, feature at least one version of Sic Bo. 

How to Play Sic Bo

“Sic bo how to play” and “how to play sic bo casino game” are widespread search phrases typed in search engines by people worldwide. The table used by casinos can look overwhelming, and some players decide to look for another option because of that. In our opinion, that’s wrong because it’s not difficult at all to get a better grasp of the basic rules of Sic Bo. The short period you will spend learning this game can bring you many benefits. As we said before, this is a fast-paced game with many betting options.

So, every player can place more than one bet (or just one bet) on the table. They must identify the part where their bet is accepted and wager their money (virtual chips in the case of online sic bo). Once the time for placing stakes is over, the dealer/software will throw the three dice, and everyone will wait for the outcome. Your goal is to guess what the dice will bring once they stop rolling. 

Types of bets in Sic Bo

One thing that makes Sic Bo attractive is the high number of betting options. Some of them are central betting options, while others are side bets. To start with, you can bet on big or small outcomes. The big bet wins when the dice sum is between 11 and 17 unless the roll unveils three matching values. On the other hand, the small bet wins when the value is between 4 and 10 unless there is a three-of-a-kind result. 

Odd and even options work similarly. To win an odd bet, the dice sum should be an odd number and vice versa – the even bet wins when a sum is an even number. Once again, there is an exception – you’ll lose when the three dice have identical values. If you believe that the next roll will bring three equal values, you should bet on any triple. On top of that, participants are allowed to wager on specific triples.

Furthermore, players can place their money on specific doubles (specific number on two out of three dice – a pair). Another attractive bet is the one that lets you predict specific dice combos. This time, you can bet on combos containing two or three numbers. Probably the most straightforward bet is the single dice bet that lets you pick a number you believe will appear on at least one dice. That’s why this option promises the lowest returns. If you fancy these betting options, you should find the section on the table and wager some money.

Sic Bo Tips

Learning how to play sic bo is one thing, while figuring out how to play sic bo and win is another. Let’s begin by saying that this is a game of chance, but specific tips can help you turn the odds in your favor. 

Don’t place more than two or three bets at once

Players can get tempted to place bets on several areas at once. This means that you have a greater chance of winning at least once. But, have you considered how much you get in return? Our advice is to stick to one bet in the beginning and move to two or a maximum of three bets per turn once you master this game. For an even better decision, you should learn more about the payouts of each wager and focus on the ones that match your gaming style. So, you need to know whether you are prepared for riskier bets or are playing conservatively. 

Look for the best bets with the best odds

We will save you some time and provide an answer to this question right away. The Big and Small and Odd and Even bets have the best odds. The probability of winning is above 48%, and the odds are 1:1. Since there’s a house edge involved, you can expect a probability of 50%. Yet, these are the safest options of all. We should mention that the specific triples come with a probability of 0.46%. We won’t say that this is a sucker bet, but you should avoid it.

There’s no working Sic Bo strategy

No matter how convincing some so-called experts sound, you should know that there is no working Sic Bo strategy. You can’t follow a pattern that can help you win all the time (or even most of the time). Anyone claiming the opposite has a hidden agenda. It’s best to play with a budget that you can afford to lose and enjoy the game. Of course, you should also follow the two tips we’ve mentioned above.

Playing online Sic Bo

Playing Sic Bo in a brick-and-mortar casino can be fun, but the best option is to play Sic Bo in online casinos. First, you can play multiple rounds in the shortest period when using a gambling website. Next, you can find dozens of reputable casinos (some of them reviewed on our site) offering this game in no time. We should also mention that some of these casinos provide attractive bonuses to new and existing players.