How To Play Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards Online

It is very challenging to find a form of gambling as simple as scratch cards. At the same time, this is one of the most exciting casino games promising great rewards. Just a few decades ago, people purchased scratch cards from local markets, and today, thanks to the Internet, they can do this online.

Scratch cards (also called scratchcards or instant games) are specially designed cards created for competitions. Typically, they have a few concealed areas that players must scratch off to reveal the symbols. Hitting specific combinations can help players win prizes. More and more people are buying online scratch cards in the recent period. It looks like there is more than one reason for this increased popularity.

The Advantages of Online Scratch Cards

Most advantages that we will list in this guide can also be applied to classic scratch cards. To start with, just like the classic version, online scratch cards are cheap. Namely, you can play with as little as 10 cents per round. Also, most games like this have no more than three betting options which means that players have relatively equal chances of winning the same prizes. As a result, you can play many rounds of this game without breaking the bank. 

Next, it will take just a few seconds to understand how to play scratch cards, even if this is your first time. Keep in mind that we’re talking about all versions of scratch cards. In most cases, you just have to scratch off three (or more) matching symbols anywhere on the grid. Sometimes, users may reveal these icons in a column or a row. Some scratch cards come with a line that shows a few numbers, and hitting identical number/s on the grid will help you win rewards. We should also mention online scratch cards with bonuses, but even these cards have straightforward gameplay. 

Also, this casino game comes with relatively high odds of winning. It’s not challenging to get rewarded in this game, even though these prizes are usually not that big. Yet, there is always a chance to win huge prizes in almost all scratch cards. You can check the paytable to analyze the odds. 

Don’t forget that the best casino software developers have titles with various themes and excellent graphics. It’s not uncommon for these releases to have HD graphics and fantastic special effects and animations. As for the stories, you can find games with stories involving animals, money, luxury, traveling, ancient civilizations, and many other things.

Of course, just like all online casino games, online scratch cards are convenient. You can access these titles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Players can also select one of the many titles and play them in hundreds of online casinos. You will get the prize without any delays. On the other hand, more significant wins from a scratch card bought in a local market required a lengthy verification process to get your winnings.

How to Play Scratch Cards Online

Although you’ll find several variants of this game in online casinos, most players follow the same steps to play scratch cards on the Internet. 

To start with, you should get an account in an online casino that includes scratch cards in its offer. After that, players must place their first deposit (typically at least €20). Don’t worry about this amount because you can buy dozens of tickets even with a minimum deposit. The good thing is that users can choose from many different versions. Once you pick a title, you should purchase one or more tickets. Everything you need is found on the game’s main screen you’ve chosen. Unlike conventional tickets, the virtual ones available online will let you scratch off the concealed areas manually or automatically. Every user can move the cursor (or finger if they use mobile devices) to reveal the symbols. On the other hand, pressing the designated button will automatically display all fields at once. Another great thing is that you will find out whether you’ve won or not right away, even without checking the outcome personally. 

The Best Scratch Card Tips and Strategies

Luck plays a major role in this fun game. In fact, this is the only factor that contributes to the outcome. So, discussing complex strategies or formulas that can help you win almost every time is unrealistic. Yet, there may be a few things that have helped some players boost the odds of winning.

Logically, the more tickets you purchase, the higher your chances of hitting a winning combination. Since we all have limited budgets, it would be better to look for tickets with low bets. That’s how you can buy several, if not a few, dozen cards at once. But, there’s a catch. Players can easily get carried away by the excitement that this game provides and lose a lot of money in a short period. To prevent situations like this, it’s best to set a budget. Generally speaking, it’s always a good idea to invest money you can afford to lose on this activity. This budget should have a time limit, too (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). There are days when you will feel that you are out of luck. Our advice is to stop playing and take a break before starting a new session whenever you find yourself in that situation.

Furthermore, it may be a wise move to try an online scratch card for free. Most online casinos will let you try a demo version of any of their games before placing real money. You can’t win cash prizes in this way, but you will learn how to play that particular title and see whether it suits you or not. Even if you have decided to play with real money, you should begin slow and steady. Finally, players looking for big wins should give progressive jackpot scratch cards a try. Don’t forget that these games usually pay less frequently, but the main prize is massive.