How to Play Game Shows

What is Game Shows?

When the first game shows appeared in the 1930s, they became an instant hit. People loved the concept that involved contestants competing for an attractive reward. Of course, the hosts have also affected the popularity of these shows. They first appeared on the radio, but it didn’t take much time before there were many TV game shows. However, this guide that we have prepared for you is focused on online game shows as part of gambling activities conducted in online casinos.

The first title that belongs to this category, probably still the most popular one, is Dream Catcher by Evolution. Interestingly, these fun casino games are usually based or influenced by current TV shows. For example, we have multiple variants of Deal or No Deal or Wheel of Fortune games available in popular online casinos. 

How to Play Game Shows – The Basics

There’s no universal answer to this question because these releases don’t follow the same pattern as online slots, for instance. The latter includes matrices with reels and paylines and symbol combinations in most cases. On the other hand, game shows choose unique approaches, so many users find them attractive. Generally speaking, we have titles that offer multiple bet types and various regular and bonus features. The best idea is to check the game rules before launching a new round in these games. Fortunately, every provider delivers detailed instructions about playing these releases. Don’t be intimidated by these rules because you’ll need just a couple of minutes to figure out how to play in most cases. We should also note that many of these game shows involve a wheel of fortune. Still, some of them are entirely unique, like Football Studio, for instance.

It goes without saying that these are games of chance where luck is the central (if not the only) factor that determines your success. Some general gambling strategies can be applied to these releases too. Still, you can’t expect to find a magic formula that will help you beat the house every time. Players are betting on the outcome of the next round in all these games. 

Once again, we should mention that it’s challenging to discuss strategies due to the unique nature of the game shows. Of course, the universal rule that you should know your budget and stick to it can be applied in this situation. Another good advice is to simply observe the game without placing bets. Think of this as a demo version that is available in most casinos. In this way, players can get familiar with the gameplay and understand how to achieve their goals without risking their money. When you think you are prepared (when you learn the rules), it may be better to start with smaller amounts of money. The good news is that many of these titles work like slots in terms of bet size. So, you can play with as little as €0.2 or even €0.1 per round. The rewards you can expect are related to the bet size in most cases, but sometimes you can hit jackpots equal to all players. 

When it comes to appearance, we should mention that most of these game shows are streamed from studios. You can expect high-quality HD streams without interruptions. The hosts are usually true professionals who know their job. They look nice and make this activity more exciting by providing fun commentary. Sometimes, even players can chat with the hosts or with other users. This adds a touch of socialization to the process. The other functions, such as choosing bets, checking rules, and turning the audio on or off, are easy to select. They are present on the main screen and accessible with a single click. Thanks to the intuitive design, it’s almost impossible to make the wrong choice when looking for a specific feature.

Bonus Features in Game Shows

In addition to the regular features, many of these game shows come equipped with bonus features. In fact, it’s challenging to find one without some extras. Some of them contain massive jackpots for the luckiest players. In other words, you can expect an enormous prize even when you’re playing with a relatively small amount of money. Some providers point out that playing with higher bets will increase your chances of winning a jackpot.

In addition to the jackpots, we have other mini-games or bonuses that can also boost your winnings. For this purpose, some of these games have different parts of the studio equipped with various ornaments to provide an extraordinary experience to all players. Don’t forget to check the rules to understand how to enter some of these bonuses.

Volatility and RTP

It’s not simple to talk about volatility when there are so many different titles. In general, modern game shows found in the best online casinos can belong to the three main categories of games in terms of volatility – low, medium, and high. So, users can expect more frequent wins of lower value or vice versa. Of course, they can also expect balance, thanks to the medium-volatility game shows.

We can say the same for the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. However, based on the analysis we’ve conducted on the existing titles, it’s safe to say that they have an average RTP of 95%. This is a substantial percentage. For instance, online slots have a similar rate, which is excellent. Players should remember that all this information is theoretical.

As we said before, online casino players’ interest in game shows is growing. As a result, the number of releases belonging to this specific category of casino games also grows. So, if you are in the mood for a game show casino game, you’ll have many options. Needless to say, not all of these releases are the same, and some of them vouch for more fun (and potentially more lucrative) moments. To save you time, we will now list some of the most popular game shows at the moment.

Dream Catcher

As one of the first game shows in online casinos, discussing this category without analyzing Dream Catcher would be unwise. Made by Evolution and published in 2017, this is still one of the leaders in this field. Dream Catcher involves a Wheel of Fortune and promises theoretical payout rates of 90.57% to 96.58%. Every player can place a bet on six separate fields represented by multipliers – 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, and 40x. As expected, the wheel includes more 1x and 2x than the other options. The multipliers can spice up your gaming experience. Namely, two fields on the wheel display 2x and 7x multipliers. If you hit one of these multipliers, you get a free spin, and if you win a prize, it will be multiplied by the value mentioned above. 

Wheel of Fortune

Sometimes the title says it all. Wheel of Fortune is another game show developed by Betgames TV. Users can expect an attractive hostess and HD stream when playing this game show. With straightforward rules, players can expect many fun moments in this fast-paced game. In this case, there are 19 segments with eighteen numbers and a special icon – a cup/star. Also, you’ll notice that the segments come in three colors – red, black, and grey. You can place a bet on specific numbers, odds/evens, or colors. The cup/star provides a special prize.

Monopoly Live

Another classic that belongs to the game shows category comes from Evolution. This is not a surprise because this software provider is focused on live casino games and most game shows are live casino games. Experts describe this title as a variant of Dream Catcher with elements of Monopoly. The wheel of fortune present in Monopoly Live includes 54 segments, and every user can bet on four different numbers. Additionally, they can bet on two unique variations of the bonus game. The best part of Monopoly Live is the Roll Bonus Game featuring a classic Monopoly board in a 3D setting. This is where players get an opportunity to roll dice and make progress in this Monopoly variant. The luckiest among them can expect huge prizes.

Playing Game Shows at Online Crypto Casinos

Let’s be clear – you will not be able to find hundreds of game shows in any online crypto casino. Some gambling sites ignore them. So, finding good casino games in reputable crypto casinos can be a difficult job. We have created a special page dedicated to these casino games at Safe Crypto Casinos. We use this page to showcase the most popular and trending titles and the best online casinos where you can play these games. We have reviewed the best crypto casinos thoroughly to ensure that our players are safe and getting the most from every gambling session. We hope that this guide has answered all your questions about game shows and helped you find the best option for you. Remember to check our site every now and then because new game shows titles and various guides are added regularly.